Elementary Library Lessons -- Giant Elementary Bundle


All your elementary library lessons and storytimes are DONE for the entire school year! This huge bundle includes 45 library lesson presentations in both PPT and Google Slides. You cannot miss this set–it is a lifesaver for busy librarians!

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Back to School Library Storytime -- Library Lesson -- Welcome to the Library

This back to school library storytime walks you though the students' first library lesson of the year! Designed with specials rotation librarians in mind, this activity includes a presentation, scavenger hunt activity, recommended reads, and lesson plan.


Digital Bulletin Board | Back to School Week 1 FREEBIE

Try it for free! This digital library bulletin board scrolls back to school library announcements, daily schedules, fun facts, vocabulary words, book recommendations, staff spotlights, and a featured genre. Includes editable Google™ Slides version, too!


Digital Bulletin Board -- Back to School Week 2

This is my second set of back to school library announcements. Set this digital library bulletin board to scroll automatically throughout the day. Includes PPT and Google™ Slides for announcements, fun facts, vocabulary, and more!


Digital Bulletin Board | Back to School, Week 3

Back to School, Week #3! This digital library bulletin board is great for check out time, as classes enter the library, before and after school, and at lunch. Use it to scroll back to school library announcements, book recommendations, and other fun stuff.


Digital Bulletin Board -- Back to School Week 4

Keep your students informed with this fun digital library bulletin board! Designed for elementary and middle school libraries, this scrolling PowerPoint includes book talks, announcements, fun trivia, and more! Includes editable Google™ Slides version, too!


Friendship Storytime Lesson -- Back to School -- Social Skills

This Friendship Storytime is perfect for back to school or anytime you want to reinforce social skills. The lesson is designed to be flexible and easy to differentiate between Grades K-3. It's designed for libraries, but it can also be used for classroom storytime discussions.


Digital Bulletin Board | Football

This football themed Digital Bulletin Board is a great way to engage students before or after school, during checkout, and at lunch. Set the slides to scroll on a timed loop to share announcements, trivia, vocabulary, fun facts, and book recommendations.


Library Book Care Lesson -- Back to School Library Storytime -- Book Damage

Students returning too many damaged library books? Back to School is a great time to talk to students about preventing caring for library books and preventing library book damage. This low-prep, easy-to-use library lesson guides your K-3 Library Book Care Storytime from start to finish.


Alphabet Library Storytime -- Letter M

This Digital Storytime is all about the Letter M! This 30-slide PPT and Google™ Slides library lesson works for face to face or distance learning. Slides include: M animals, foods, months, colors, and songs. Storytime read-aloud not included. Editable.


Digital Bulletin Board | Grandparents Day

Scroll this Digital Bulletin Board during the week of Grandparents Day! These scrolling PowerPoint presentations are a fun way to share announcements, trivia questions, fun facts, and more with students. Editable in Google and PPT.


Grandparents Day Storytime -- September Library Lesson -- Back to School

This Grandparents Day Storytime is perfect for Grades K-3 in September! Includes two parts -- a whole-class library lesson and a self-directed activity. Created for libraries, but it works great for classroom storytime, too. Includes detailed lesson plan with AASL, CC, and TEKS standards.




Digital Bulletin Board | Autumn Theme

Keep your students occupied during down times with this gorgeous Digital Bulletin Board! It includes eight book talks, slides for library schedules and school events, and loads of fun facts about autumn! Editable in Google and PPT.


Digital Storytime | Book and Body Parts

Need a library lesson that teaches the parts of a book? This low-prep, K-2 digital storytime can be used for in-person or distance learning. The 37 PPT and Google Slides walk you right through a body-and-book-parts-themed storytime. Editable.


Autumn Library Storytime -- Back to School -- Fall Library Lesson

This Autumn Library Storytime is perfect for back to school and fall activities. Includes a librarian-led discussion of fall objects, plus additional scrolling slides with fun facts, autumn idioms, vocabulary, would you rathers, and more! Includes differentiated scavenger hunt, recommended reads, and editable lesson plan.


Digital Bulletin Board -- Mexico -- Middle Grades

Celebrate Mexico's Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo with this scrolling Digital Bulletin Board full of fun facts, a mystery animal, Mexico landmarks, and more! Perfect for the school library! Editable in Google and PPT.


Digital Storytime -- Mexico -- Hispanic Heritage Month

This digital library lesson works great for distance learning or face-to-face. This is the 8th storytime in this series, and it's all about Mexico! It's perfect for celebrating Mexico's Independence Day (Sep 16) and Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep 15-Oct 15).


Library Storytime -- Fiction and Nonfiction

What's the difference between fiction and nonfiction? It's not always easy for to tell! This digital library lesson walks you through a storytime about the differences between fiction and nonfiction picture books. Includes PPT and Google Slides.



Digital Bulletin Board -- Nonfiction

Get your students excited about nonfiction books with this gorgeous Digital Bulletin Board! Play it on a loop in the library or use it as a distance learning book talk. Editable in Google and PPT.


Digital Bulletin Board -- MG News Media

This digital bulletin board is all about news media, particularly newspapers. Thirty slides include 8 middle grade booktalks, parts of a newspaper, spotting fake news, would you rathers, and more! Perfect for face-to-face or distance learning.


News Media Literacy -- Fake News -- Fact and Opinion -- Library Lesson K-3

This News Media Literacy Library Lesson is a great overview of multiple news media concepts for K-3. Introduces parts of a newspaper, fact and opinion, fake news, and what to do when the news is scary. Includes a two-part library lesson, differentiated scavenger hunt activity, and editable lesson plan.


Library Storytime -- Election Day

This Library Storytime includes everything you need to teach K-3 students about Election Day in the US. It was created for library lessons, but it's also perfect for classroom use. Includes PPT and Google™ Slides versions for distance learning.


Election Day -- Digital Bulletin Board

This Digital Library Bulletin Board is perfect for Election Day in November! Includes a presentation to scroll on a loop, a scavenger hunt, list of recommended reads for Grades 3-6. It focuses on presidents but can be used in any US election cycle.


Library Storytime -- Halloween

This library storytime for Halloween walks you through a lesson on skeletons, bats, spiders, and other Halloween symbols. Includes presentation scavenger hunt and printable list of recommended reads.



Digital Bulletin Board -- Halloween MG

Wow your upper-elementary students with this fun, informative Halloween Digital Bulletin Board! It's full of facts about arachnids, bats, scorpions, the human skeleton, and more! Editable in PPT and Google Slides.


Spiders Library Lesson Storytime -- Halloween Alternative

Need a Halloween alternative for library lessons? Try spiders! This lesson is perfect for librarians looking for an October or autumn storytime with a science twist. Informative, fun, editable, and perfect for in-person or distance learning.


Library Lesson Storytime -- Superstitions -- Halloween Alternative

This library storytime lesson is perfect for Friday the 13th! It introduces students to superstitions from the US and around the world. Includes fun facts, trivia, vocabulary, and more! Editable in PowerPoint and Google Slides.


Veterans Day Library Lesson -- Elementary

Need a fun, informative library lesson for Veterans Day? The first part is for whole group discussions and gives basic information about Veterans Day. The second part is 45 post-lesson scrolling PPT or Google Slides. Editable in PPT and Google.


Thanksgiving Library Lesson

Celebrate Thanksgiving in the library with this PPT lesson + scrolling slides. The first 23 slides are a library lesson about Thanksgiving traditions around the world. The remaining 46 slides are fun facts, trivia, jokes, vocabulary, and more! Editable.


Christmas Library Lesson -- Around the World

This Christmas Library Lesson covers countries and cultures from all over the world! Includes Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Pancha Ganapati, Boxing Day, and more! Editable in PPT and Google Slides.


Winter Library Lesson -- Snow and Ice

Got the winter blahs? This library lesson includes everything you need to celebrate snow and ice! The first part is a discussion of animal adaptations to cold weather. The second part includes fun facts, trivia, would-you-rathers, and more! Editable.


Book Awards Library Lesson -- Caldecott Newbery

This library lesson introduces the Youth Media Book Awards to elementary students! Includes five awards: Newbery, Caldecott, Coretta Scott King, Pura Belpre, and Sibert. Also includes fun facts, trivia, and more! Editable.



Martin Luther King Jr -- Library Lesson

This elementary library lesson celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr.! Includes a guided discussion of equality and fairness, biographical information about Dr. King, trivia questions, fun facts, and more! Editable in PPT and Google Slides.


Digital Library Lesson -- Chinese New Year

This Chinese Lunar New Year library lesson includes a 55-slide presentation, scavenger hunt activity, and recommended reads list. All text is editable in PPT, Google Slides, and PDF. Editable lesson plans with AASL, CC, and TEKs standards included.


Ruby Bridges -- Digital Library Lesson

This Ruby Bridges Library Lesson is perfect for Black History Month or anytime you want to teach students about school desegregation and the civil rights movement. Editable in Google Slides and PowerPoint.


Valentines Day Library Lesson

Let's talk about hearts for Valentine's Day! This Digital Library Lesson introduces elementary students to the human heart and tips for keeping it healthy. Includes fun facts, trivia questions, and booktalks. Editable in Google Slides and PowerPoint.


Digital Library Lesson -- Womens History Month

This Digital Library Lesson is themed for Women's History Month! It features 24 women with biographical information and real photos. Includes trivia, fun facts, and would-you-rathers. Editable in Google Slides and PowerPoint.


Library Lesson -- Insects

Welcome spring in the library with this fun Insect Lesson! This 69-slide PowerPoint includes a storytime discussion on insect idioms, plus additional insect-themed slides to scroll during checkout. Students LOVE these! Editable in PPT and Google Slides.


Library Lesson -- Spring Storytime

It's Spring! Shout it from the bookshelves with this Digital Storytime! This 56-slide lesson gives you everything you need to structure a fun and informative spring storytime. Also includes two differentiated PDF scavenger hunts. Editable.


Digital Library Bulletin Board -- Spring

This 55-slide Digital Bulletin Board is perfect for spring library time! Scroll it on a loop while students check out or during library downtimes. It includes a scavenger hunt, fun facts, trivia, booktalks, and more! Editable.


Haiku Library Lesson -- National Poetry Month -- Counting Syllables

This haiku library lesson is so much fun for National Poetry Month! Includes a two-part lesson that was designed for elementary librarians on the specials rotation. Students learn the rules for writing haiku, practice counting syllables, and have an opportunity to write their own haiku.


Nursery Rhymes Library Lesson Storytime -- National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month--are you ready? This Library Storytime Lesson is all about nursery rhymes! Includes multiple nursery rhymes, a scavenger hunt, recommended reads, and pre-filled lesson plan. All text is editable in PowerPoint, PDF, and Google Slides.



Digital Library Lesson -- Ramadan

Odds are good that some of your students are Muslim and observe Ramadan. Do all your students know what Ramadan is about? This Digital Library Lesson teaches students basics about Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and Islam.


Endangered Animals Library Lesson -- Earth Day

This Endangered Animals Library Lesson is perfect for Earth day! Students will learn about different classifications of endangered animals, why they are endangered, and what we can do to help. Only one slide is for Earth Day, so it can be used year-round.


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month -- Elementary Library Lesson

Take your students on a trip to the continent of Asia! This library lesson was designed for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May. Students will find Asia on a map, meet four notable Asian Americans, and see famous monuments and foods of Asia.



Summer Reading Library Lesson

This library lesson is all about summer fun and the benefits of summer reading! Part I is a whole-class library or classroom discussion encouraging students to read over the summer. Part II includes summertime trivia questions, vocabulary, would-you-rathers, and more!



Click here to see the PDF Preview for more details and images of what’s included.


  • Recommended for: Grades K-6 (individual lessons vary–some are split K-2 and 3-6)
  • Lesson duration: Each lesson runs 1-2 library sessions of 45 minutes each. It is very easy to extend many of these into biweekly themes.
  • Formats: PPT or Google Slides (you can use either); PDF
  • Editable: YES! All text in every presentation is editable in PPT and Google Slides. All PDF documents also have editable text.


These were developed over a school year. They evolved greatly in that time! Some include songs or links to music or video. Some include scavenger hunts and/or sign language. Some include printable lists of recommended books. Some include all of these, and others include none of these.

Click on any of the resources in this bundle to see exactly what is included in each theme.


Some of the themes below include a lower-elementary version (K-2 or K-3) and an upper elementary version (3-6 or 4-7). Others are one lesson for K-6.


  • Welcome to the Library
  • Back to School
  • Friendship
  • Book Care
  • The Letter M
  • Pars of a Book
  • Grandparents Day
  • Autumn
  • Mexico
  • Nonfiction
  • News Media
  • Elections (free update planned in October for 2021 elections)
  • Halloween
  • Spiders
  • Superstition
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Winter Holidays
  • Snow and Ice
  • Award Winners
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Chinese Lunar New Year (updated annually)
  • Ruby Bridges
  • Hearts
  • Insects
  • Spring
  • Women’s History
  • Poetry
  • Ramadan
  • Earth Day
  • Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • Summer Reading


No. While I plan to continue to create themed library lessons and storytimes, I do not plan to add any more to this set. Updates will happen, but no new lessons are planned for this set.


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