Digital Storytime -- Superstitions


This digital library storytime is perfect for Friday the 13th! It introduces students to superstitions from the US and around the world. Includes fun facts, trivia, vocabulary, and more! Editable in PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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See a demo of one of my Digital Storytimes here. (YouTube link)

Digital Storytimes will save you so much time! I design them specifically for new elementary librarians, especially those who are on the Specials rotation and/or are simply busy parents who just do not have time to create detailed storytime lessons.

These are the lessons I would have wanted when I was a new librarian and mom to two young boys.

The slides walk you right through a storytime! You will need a TV, monitor, or screen in your story area, plus the ability to present a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation.

If your school is distance learning or switches to distance learning, this lesson is all ready to go on Google™ Slides! All you need to provide is the story to read aloud.

Needed to open and edit: Google™ Slides OR PowerPoint; ability to open PDF documents

Recommended for Grades: K-3


  • 45-slide PPT + Google™ Slides–all text is editable; you choose which slides you want to use. 23 slides are storytime slides; 19 slides are “scrolling presentation” slides (can also be used to extend storytime).
  • Separate list of 12 recommended superstition-themed picture books. All were selected specifically for Grades K-3 and received positive professional reviews for use with Grades K-3.
  • Detailed explanation of how I have used themed storytime lessons like this one on the “Specials” rotation. (10 pages, PDF)
  • Google™ Classroom Basics (4 pages, PDF)
  • Instructions on how to set up PPT slide timings for digital bulletin boards (2 pages, PDF)
  • Detailed prep instructions and lesson plan (2 pages)

23 Storytime Slides include:

  • Original storytime song about superstitions + 2 additional suggested songs
  • Video link to “luck” in American Sign Language
  • Explanation of superstition and luck (2 slides)
  • “Lucky or Unlucky?” game of seven common superstitions. Students decide if the item is considered lucky or unlucky, then the next slide gives the answer and additional information. (14 slides)
  • Every slide in the presentation is illustrated with brightly-colored, high-resolution clipart and photos for K-3.

Optional Storytime OR Digital Bulletin Board Slides include:

  • superstitions include: broken mirrors, black cats, four-leaf clovers, walking under a ladder, “break a leg,” horseshoes, Friday the 13th, wishbones, crossing fingers, maneki neko (waving cats), nazar boncuğu, spilling salt, tossing salt over shoulder, knocking on wood, and lucky animals/insects
  • 6 visual booktalks; all are picture books about luck and superstitions
  • 2 “Would you rathers”
  • vocabulary word: kismet
  • Loaded with fun facts, Did you knows…, a “What do you think?” question


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Purchase this product now and earn 5 Points!
20% off $100 purchase