Library Back to School Bundle – Grades 3-8 – HUGE BUNDLE

This Library Back to School Bundle is made especially for school librarians working with students in Grades 3-8! Perfect for new and new-ish school librarians, this bundle includes everything you need to start your school year like a pro!

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Birthday Book Club Starter Pack -- Book Donations -- Library Fundraisers

Library budget a bit too low (or nonexistent)? The Birthday Book Club is a fun way to honor special events while also gaining new book donations for the library. This set includes everything you need to start a Birthday Book Club book donation program at your school.


Countertop Library Infographics - Communicate Library Events - Set #1

Promote those library programs! These colorful, eye-catching infographics are perfect for advertising your library's statistics and upcoming events! Edit the data, print, and display these beautiful signs on the circulation desk or library bulletin board.


Library Resources Brochure

Does your school library subscribe to multiple online databases? If your school is like mine, your teachers and students struggle to remember to use the databases. Enter the library resources brochure!

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Elementary School Library Handbook -- Library Management -- 34 pages

This pre-filled, editable, elementary school library handbook template contains a guide to library services, all in one "Handy-Dandy" place! It's the perfect library management tool for back to school or anytime you need to communicate library policies and information with teachers and staff.

Secondary School Library Handbook -- Library Management -- 34 pages

Teachers will love this Secondary School Library Handbook! It's excellent as a library management tool because it details your school library services, all in one "Handy-Dandy" place! If you are starting in a new library, this is a great tool for communicating general library policies to staff.

Dewey Decimal System Shelf Labels -- School Library Labels

This set of 150+ library shelf labels covers all ten Dewey Decimal System classifications. All labels include images and editable text. There are three widths, and all the library shelf labels come in color and black and white. Print on cardstock and laminate for added durability.

Library Genre Spine Labels - 50 Book Labels for Library Genrefication

This set of Library Genre Spine Labels works for both classroom libraries and school library genrefication. Includes 50 library book labels in simple, colorful designs that will work for a wide variety of grade levels. Editable in Google, PDF, and PPT. Print on Avery 5195 "Return Address" labels for easy application.

Library Genre Shelf Labels -- Fiction

Thinking about genrefying your library? Want to update your current genre shelf labels? This set of library shelf labels is designed save you time and help make your fiction genre sections colorful and easy to navigate.

This set of shelf labels is compatible with my Genre Spine Labels set.

Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt - Back to School Library Activity for Grades 4-7

This Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt is a low-prep library lesson for Back to School! It's an easy, fun way for students to independently explore the library while locating important items that they will need regularly throughout the school year.

Reading Interest Survey - Back to School - ELA

This Reading Interest Survey gives you valuable insight on how your students read. Includes 5-page survey in multiple distance learning and face-to-face formats and an editable PowerPoint so you can share the survey results with your students.

Reading Genre Personality Test - Reading Genre Interest - Fun Reading Activity

Remember all those magazine quizzes we took as teens? This Reading Genre Personality Test is styled after those quizzes! This is my students' favorite fun reading activity! This Genre Personality Test helps students in Grades 3-6 identify which reading genres are best for them.

Three Reading Challenges -- Reading Log Alternatives -- Reading Incentives

Looking for a fun reading log alternative? This is a set of three different Reading Challenges. I've used them as reading incentives for Grades 5-12, but they can also be used with younger elementary students. They are easy to implement and differentiate for individual student reading goals.

Reading Bingo -- Reading Challenge -- Library Book Bingo

Why Reading Bingo in the library? Let's face it: many middle school students are reluctant to read across a variety of genres. This set of 6 library book bingo cards is a gamefied reading challenge. It encourages students to try new books, authors, formats, and genres.

Around the World Reading Challenge -- Reading Passport -- Passive Library Program

Do your students pooh-pooh picture books as "for babies"? This reading challenge asks students to read picture books from around the world. Includes Reading Passport, flag labels for book spines, bookmarks of titles, and a presentation to introduce students to the picture book challenge.

Dewey Decimal Activity -- Designing a Zoo

I have used this introduction to the Dewey Decimal Activity with students as young as 3rd grade and as old as 10th grade! It's low-prep, hands-on, easy to explain, and collaborative. This activity also is PERFECT for teacher-librarian evaluations!

Dewey Decimal Library Skills Lesson for Older Students

Need a Dewey Decimal library skills lesson for older students? Use this library presentation to teach decimal classification through a zombie apocalypse story! Middle school students are sure to remember the Zombie Dewey story long after they leave the library.

Dewey Decimal Game (with Zombies!)

In this Dewey Decimal System game, students select from 25 zombie apocalypse scenarios and use symbols from different Dewey sections to survive the wilderness, disease, hunger, and brain-thirsty zombies! It's great as an introduction to Dewey or to review the classifications.

Book-a-Thon - Classroom or Library Fundraiser - Reading Incentive

Has your library budget been cut? Need money to buy the things your students want for the library? This kit makes it easy to set up a Book-A-Thon Fundraiser. It includes an editable PowerPoint, Pledge Sheet, Reading Tracking Sheet, and full directions.

Back to School Digital Bulletin Board - First Week of School

This Digital Bulletin Board will grab students' attention in the first week of school! It mixes library and school announcements with fun facts for back to school. Includes editable daily schedules, fun facts, vocabulary words, a staff spotlight, and a featured genre.

Back to School Digital Bulletin Board Week 2

This Digital Bulletin Board continues my First Week of School freebie! My Digital Bulletin Boards mix library and school announcements with fun facts for back to school. Includes editable daily schedules, fun facts, vocabulary words, a staff spotlight, and a featured genre.

Digital Library Bulletin Board -- Back to School, Week 3

This Back to School Digital Bulletin Board is for the third week of school! Show this digital library bulletin board during check out time, as classes enter the library, before and after school, and at lunch. Use it to scroll library and school announcements, fun facts, vocabulary, and more!

Back to School Digital Bulletin Board - Week 4

This Back to School Digital Bulletin Board is for the fourth week of school! Show this digital library bulletin board during check out time, as classes enter the library, before and after school, and at lunch. Use it to scroll library and school announcements, fun facts, vocabulary, and more!

January Library Display Posters - All Grade Levels - Book Displays

Chase away the winter blahs with these colorful January Library Display Posters! This set of 21 library display posters contains all you need to SAVE TIME and show off your school or public library's best books and themes for January. Includes editable readalike bookmarks.

February Library Display Posters - Valentine's Day - Lunar New Year

This set of Library Display Posters for February includes 20 full-color posters and read-alike bookmarks in eight themes for February. This set contains all you need to SAVE TIME, show off your library's gorgeous books, and get your students reading!

March Library Display Posters - Women's History Month - St Patrick's Day

Prepare your library for spring with this colorful set of book display signs! Posters represent nine seasonal themes for March, each with four fully-editable read-alike bookmarks. Laminate the signs and file them away for next year's displays!

April Library Display Posters

April brings so many fun ideas for library decor! This set of display signs includes nine spring book themes, each with four fully-editable read-alike bookmarks. Includes Autism Awareness, April Fool's Day, Earth Day, National Poetry Month, and more!

Library Book Display Posters Signs Decor -- May

This library display poster set includes 17 book display signs in nine May themes, each with four editable read-alike bookmarks. Add some colorful tablecloths and spring flowers to create eye-catching displays that will get your students reading!

June Library Display Posters -- Summer Library Decor -- Readalike Bookmarks

This June library poster set includes 27 display signs in nine summer themes, each with four fully-editable read-alike bookmarks. Every poster has beautiful, bright colors that look great displayed with colorful beachballs, sunglasses, beach towels, and flip-flops!

Library Display Posters July -- Summer Library Display Signs -- July 4 -- Bastille Day

This poster set includes 19 book display signs in nine July themes, each with four fully-editable read-alike bookmarks. Use stuffed animals, flags, colorful board shorts, and alien toys as props to make your displays pop even more

Library Display Posters: August

Creating themed library displays for back-to-school is easy with this poster set! It includes 15 library display posters in nine August themes, each with four fully-editable read-alike bookmarks.


September Library Display Posters - Hispanic Heritage Month - Sept. 11 - All Grade Levels

This set of September Library Display Posters is part of my larger Year of Library Displays set. This set includes 19 posters and 36 read-alike bookmarks in themes.

Themes include: Sept 11, Grandparents Day, Banned Books Week, Labor Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, and more.

Bookmarks are editable in PPT, PDF, and Google Slides.

October Library Display Posters - Halloween - Alaska Day

Welcome to October! This set contains all you need to show off your school or public library's best books themes for each week in October. I've included nine different themes, including: Indigenous Peoples Day, National Art Day, World Mental Health Day, National Chocolate Day, Halloween, and more!

November Library Display Posters - Thanksgiving - STEAM Day - All Grades

Welcome to November! This set of November Library Display Posters contains all you need to show off your school or public library's best books and themes for November, including Election Day, STEAM Day, and Thanksgiving. Edit in PPT or Google Slides.


December Library Display Posters - All Grade Levels

This set of December Library Display Posters contains all you need to create eye-catching book displays for December holidays, including Christmas. The themes in this set will save you time, show off your library books, and get those students reading!

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  • Recommended for: Grades 3-8
  • Editable: YES, most text is editable
  • Lesson duration: This includes your first nine library lessons of the school year
  • Needed to open: Google Apps or PowerPoint (you only need one); ability to open PDF documents
  • Number of pages: over 1100 posters, bookmarks, slides, and printable materials


Display posters for every month of the year (303 pages)

  • Themes include major US and international holidays, obscure holidays, monthly celebrations, this day in history, cover colors, and book genres.
  • Every theme also includes editable read-alike bookmarks in four reading & interest levels.
  • There are currently 195 posters and over 430 individual bookmarks in the set.

Year-Long Reading Challenge Posters (3 posters + 2 record sheets)

Students choose their own reading goals from 3 kinds of challenges:

  • A to Z
  • 40-Book Challenge
  • Personalized Reading Challenges.
  • Includes posters and reading tracking sheets

Picture Books Around the World Challenge (54 pages)

  • Includes 8 pages of country name + flag labels (print on Avery 5160 labels) representing approximately 180 countries
  • Student passport to record countries and books read
  • Bookmarks that list suggested reading for each continent
  • regularly-updated spreadsheet of picture books from around the world (great for collection development!)

Birthday Book Club (36 pages)

  • An ongoing fundraiser for the library!
  • Families can donate money to buy a special birthday book for the library. The book celebrates the student with a book plate inside the front cover.
  • Also includes retirement, thank-a-teacher, in memoriam, and more!

Reading Bingo Challenge (20 pages)

  • 2 sets of 6 editable Bingo cards for middle school
  • one set is in color and one set is blackline
  • editable

Library Genrefication Shelf Labels Kit (252 PNG files + 2 editable PPT templates)

  • Includes 31 genres
  • Every genre has 6 labels–4 are wide labels and 2 are skinny “shelf lip” labels. Both come in color for printing on white cardstock and BW for printing on colored cardstock
  • Print 4 shelf labels per page
  • Also includes smaller labels for the library “shelf lip” (see preview for photo)
  • All images and genres are compatible with my Genre Spine Labels set (listed below).

Genre Spine Labels (34 pages)

  • add to book spine labels to denote genre
  • prints 60 labels per page
  • use Avery 5195 “Return Address” labels for easy sticking
  • includes 31 genres
  • color text and images, on a white background
  • editable

Dewey Decimal System Shelf Labels (196 PDF pages + 20 slides)

  • Includes over 150 Dewey Decimal System classifications
  • Every library shelf label includes three widths.
  • Every Dewey shelf label has a black and white and color version.
  • Print 3, 4, 11 Dewey Decimal shelf labels per page.
  • editable

Library Awareness materials (35 pages total)

  • Editable Back to School Night PowerPoint for librarians–scroll important library information on Back to School Night
  • Editable Handy-Dandy Guide to the LibraryGive this to your teachers and administrators to promote the library and generally look like the rock star librarian you are!
  • Editable Library Resources Brochure for students, parents, and teachers. Add your school’s database descriptions, URLs, and site-wide logins. Keep tri-folded copies on the circulation desk to promote database usage and help minimize all those “what’s the login to…?” phone calls and emails.
  • Manual Library Checkout System–Use this when the OPAC goes down or as an alternative to self-checkout.
  • Read Off Your Library Fine bookmarks

Infographics for Libraries (15 pages)

  • use for library newsletters or for countertop communications
  • 15 colorful infographics
  • all text is editable and movable (except headlines)

Library Book-A-Thon Fundraiser (16 pages)

  • Raise money to buy new library books
  • PowerPoint introduction for students (9 slides, fully-editable)
  • Book-A-Thon Pledge sheets (2 pages, mostly editable)
  • Reading Trackers (2 pages, mostly editable)
  • 3 pages of directions, tips, and ideas

Library Back to School Digital Bulletin Boards (92 slides)

  • Four digital bulletin boards, each with 23 slides.
  • Text is editable in PPT or Google Slides.
  • Scroll in library or hallways to share announcements and fun facts.

NINE Library Lessons for Grades 3-8:

  • Lesson 1–Grades 4-7–Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt–Your first library lesson is a fun, interactive way to help your students find important items in the library. (16 pages)


  • Lessons 2-3–Reading Interest Survey–This 4-page survey and presentation will help you get to know your students’ reading preferences. Includes Google Slides version. (4 pages + 13 slides)


  • Lesson 4–Grades 4-7–I Have…Who Has…? Genre Review Game (12 pages)


  • Lesson 5–Grades 5-8–After the Zombie Apocalypse: A Dewey Decimal Story–This PowerPoint story will help your students learn and remember the Dewey categories. (24 pages)


  • Lesson 6–Grades 3-5–Designing A Zoo: Dewey Decimal Activity–This activity uses cards with zoo animals on them to help your students learn how Dewey sorts the animals in the 500 section of the library. (17 pages)


  • Lesson 7–Grades 5-8–Zombie Dewey Dice Game–Students roll the dice and use Dewey categories to survive the zombie apocalypse. This game includes 25 scenarios and can be used in multiple lessons.


  • Lessons 8-9–Grades 3-8–What’s Your Genre Personality? Quiz–Includes both versions (elementary and MS/HS) of my most popular product! You can use your students’ genre personalities all year long when purchasing, booktalking, and recommending books. Have your teachers take the quiz, too! Includes a digital version for Google Classroom, too! (114 pages for each version=228 pages total)


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