Dewey Decimal Activities Bundle


This bundle includes two related Dewey Decimal activities. One is a story that explains Dewey in an easy, engaging way that students will love. The other is a dice game where students use Dewey to solve problems that arise during the zombie apocalypse.

Click here to preview the Zombie Dewey PPT Story.

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This story is designed to be read to middle and high school library classes. It imagines that two years ago, the world was overrun by flesh-eating zombies! The main character (you!) has managed to survive two years, but alone and without any creature comforts. The story walks students though the ten main Dewey classifications as a way to get the world “back to normal” after the end of the zombie apocalypse.
Included with the story set:
  • After the Zombie Apocalypse story on PowerPoint (14 slides); includes brief introduction to Melvil Dewey
  • Zombie-themed Dewey practice worksheet + answer key (2 pages)
  • Zombie-themed Dewey reference sign (2 pages)
  • Zombie Apocalypse display sign (1 full-color, high-resolution 36″ X 24″ poster)
  • Zombie readalikes bookmarks (double-sided, editable in PowerPoint). Includes five designs with quotations, editable readalike booklists for zombie lovers in upper-elementary, middle school, and high school. One of the zombie designs is black and white outlines for students to color. (5 pages)


In the Zombie Dice Game, students select from 25 zombie apocalypse scenarios and use symbols from Dewey sections to survive the wilderness, disease, hunger, and brain-thirsty zombies! It’s a fun, zombie-fied way to introduce or review Dewey!
This role-playing game can be used before or after teaching the Dewey Decimal System. It does not teach Dewey itself and should not be used in isolation without teaching Dewey in a recent or upcoming lesson. During the game, students will apply Dewey groupings to various survival scenarios.
The Zombie Dice Game includes:
  • 33-slide PowerPoint game (editable)
  • complete directions
  • Dewey Categories sheet (needed to play game, editable)
  • Tool Categories sheet (needed to play game, editable)
  • list of specific Dewey numbers for items listed on the Categories sheets (editable)
About the PowerPoint Game:
  • students select from 25 scenarios in five categories
  • each scenario includes a full-color photo
  • “spacer” slide gives students an opportunity to share their solutions
  • Don’t worry! The zombie scenarios do not include violence or gore. They are survival scenarios that require ingenuity and problem-solving skills.
About the Categories sheets:
  • Each of the “Tool” categories represents a “hundreds section” in Dewey Decimal classification. For example, “Tool Category #5” contains items that symbolize topics in the 500s section of the library. “Tool Category #11” contains symbols from the 100s section (since students cannot roll a 1 with two dice).
  • Use the Tool Categories sheet if you have not yet taught Dewey.
  • Use the Dewey Categories sheet if you recently taught Dewey.
  • No traditional weapons (guns, knives, etc.) are included in the tool categories, although rocks are included in the 500s toolkit.


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