Secondary School Library Handbook — Library Management — 34 pages


Teachers will love this Secondary School Library Handbook! It’s excellent as a library management tool because it details your school library services, all in one “Handy-Dandy” place! If you are starting in a new library, this is a great tool for communicating general library policies to staff.

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This is the secondary school library handbook (Grades 6-12). Click here for the elementary library handbook. It is not necessary to purchase both versions; there are only a few small differences between them. If you purchase one and want the other, too, just email me. I am happy to send it to you free.


  • Recommended for: secondary school libraries
  • Formats: PowerPoint, PDF, and Google Slides
  • Editable: YES, all text is editable
  • You will also need: comb-bind machine and combs to bind the handbook


  • 23 editable handbook pages
  • 6 cover designs
  • 6 pages of tips for use

Teachers LOVE having all the library policies, logins, links, and information in one “Handy-Dandy” place! Edit the Secondary School Library Handbook with your own library information. Then, bind it together with a comb-bind machine.

Secondary school libraries are busy. Who has time to answer phone calls and emails about logins, policies, the schedule, etc.? This library handbook cuts those calls down to almost zero! All the information teachers need is in the “Handy Dandy.”


I’ve included my own secondary school library handbook policies (middle school level) in the guide as a reference. This is helpful for new school librarians! Feel free to use these or modify or replace my text with your own. Everything is editable in PPT, PDF, and Google Slides.

  • Cover page (6 designs in both BW and color)
  • Meet Your Librarian
  • Meet Your Library
  • Using the Library
  • Before and After School
  • Parent Visitors
  • Checkout Policies
  • Overdue Materials
  • Lost Materials
  • Damaged Materials
  • Book Challenges
  • Using the Library Catalog
  • Online Resources
  • About Copyright
  • Common Uses of Copyrighted Materials in Schools
  • Laminating Services
  • Scheduling the Library
  • Scheduling the Laptop Trolley
  • The Library Makerspace
  • My Passwords (2 page designs)
  • Teacher Notes (3 page designs)


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