Dewey Decimal Library Skills Lesson for Older Students


Need a Dewey Decimal library skills lesson for older students? Use this library presentation to teach decimal classification through a zombie apocalypse story! Middle school students are sure to remember the Zombie Dewey story long after they leave the library.

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Click here to see the full PDF preview of this Zombie Dewey Decimal Library Skills Lesson.

Save more when you bundle this activity with its companion Dewey Decimal Activity: Zombie Dice Game.


  • Recommended for: Grades 5-8
  • Lesson Duration: 2 lessons of about 60 minutes together
  • Formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides, and PDF
  • Editable: YES, text is editable

This is two-lesson presentation for middle school library classes. The first part is a brief introduction or review of Dewey Decimal basics. The second part is a story that students LOVE! It imagines that two years ago, the world was overrun by flesh-eating zombies!

The main character in the story (you!) has managed to survive two years, but alone and without any creature comforts. The story walks students though the ten main Dewey classifications as the world gets “back to normal” after the zombie apocalypse.


  • 36-slide presentation in two parts: Part I introduces Dewey Decimal System basics; Part II is a Zombie Apocalypse story that will help students remember the 10 Dewey “hundreds” sections.
  • Zombie-themed Dewey practice worksheet + answer key (2 pages)
  • Zombie-themed Dewey reference signs (3 pages)
  • Zombie readalikes bookmarks (4 pages)
  • Three editable formats for each part: PowerPoint, Google Slides, and PDF


Prefer TPT? Click here to see this Dewey Decimal Library Skills Lesson on TPT.


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