Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt


This editable library orientation scavenger hunt is perfect for Back to School! It’s an easy, fun way for students to independently explore the library while locating important items that they will need regularly throughout the school year.

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  • Recommended for: Grades 4-7
  • Duration of lesson: 1-2 class periods (45 minutes)
  • Formats: PPT or Google Slides; PDF
  • Number of slides: 11
  • Number of printable pages: 16


Probably not. There is some set-up required on the morning of the lesson. The QR codes could get lost if they are set up the day before. I would not personally leave this lesson for a sub.


  • printer, copier, large monitor for presentation slides
  • Students will need: pencil, copies of scavenger hunt grid, cell phone or tablet with a camera or QR code scanner app
  • NOT needed: internet connection. The QR codes will scan with or without wifi.


  • Scavenger Hunt grid (3 pages, editable in PDF and PPT)
  • 24 QR codes (4 pages, editable in PDF and PPT)–These will work for any location in your library. You can hand-write or type the locations on the QR code pages. 6 codes per page.
  • 24 “Non-QR code” cards (4 pages, editable in PDF and PPT)–These have the secret word on them, so you can use them if you do not want to or cannot use QR codes. 6 cards per page.
  • List of suggested library locations (1 page, editable in PPT and PDF)
  • Cheat Sheet (1 page, editable in PPT and PDF)–Record your locations and the secret word for each. The Cheat Sheet makes it easier if a code gets lost or damaged in the middle of a busy day or class period.
  • Directions presentation for students (PPT and Google Slides formats, 9 slides, all text is editable)
  • Detailed directions for librarians and teachers (3 PDF page, tips and prep)


“Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.” –Dumbledore, The Goblet of Fire


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20% off $100 Discount
30% off $150 or more