Library Genre Shelf Labels -- Fiction


Thinking about genrefying your library? Want to update your current genre shelf labels? This set of library shelf labels is designed save you time and help make your fiction genre sections colorful and easy to navigate.

This set of shelf labels is compatible with my Genre Spine Labels set.

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  • Recommended for: all grade levels
  • Editable: YES, it’s 100% editable, including the images!
  • Formats: PDF, Google Slides, and PowerPoint (you only need one of these formats to use this product)
  • You will also need: printer, cardstock (white or colored), something to attach the labels to
  • Note that this is a library labeling resource and not a library lesson.


  • You will need something to make the labels stand up on the library shelves.
  • I personally use clear, acrylic magazine file holders. The acrylic holders can be pricey, so you may find plastic or vinyl to be much cheaper. Search “magazine file holders” on Amazon for examples.
  • You can also use old encyclopedias, dictionaries, or large 3-ring binders. Wrap them in colorful butcher paper to match the genre, then attach the label to the book spine.


  • Includes 31 genres
  • Every genre has 6 labels–4 are wide labels and 2 are skinny “shelf lip” labels. Both come in color for printing on white cardstock and BW for printing on colored cardstock
  • Print 4 shelf labels per page
  • Also includes smaller labels for the library “shelf lip” (see preview for photo)
  • All images and genres are compatible with my Genre Spine Labels set


  • Wide shelf labels (green arrow in cover/preview photo)– 11″ tall (< 30cm) and 2.6″ wide (6.75 cm)
  • Skinny “shelf lip” labels (red arrow)–length varies by genre name length; width is just under 1″ (2.25 cm)
  • I designed these to be adjustable for shorter shelves. Simply trim off the white areas to make the labels shorter. They are also 100% editable, so you can make whatever changes you need to accommodate your library shelves.


  • mystery
  • science fiction
  • sci-fi
  • romance
  • historical fiction
  • fantasy
  • humor
  • thriller
  • realistic fiction
  • supernatural
  • retellings
  • fairy tales
  • sports
  • magical realism
  • horror
  • short stories
  • poetry
  • adventure
  • animal stories
  • animal fantasy
  • relationships
  • mythology
  • classics
  • biography
  • survival
  • steampunk
  • plays/drama
  • school stories
  • narrative nonfiction
  • dystopia
  • graphic novels
  • early chapter books

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