New school librarian? Help is here!

Truly, library school doesn’t teach you about 95% of what you need to know as a school librarian. So, I’ve decided to dedicate a section of this blog to all the new librarians out there. Please know that the struggle is real. It isn’t you; it’s all of us. We’ve all been there, and we’re here to help.


I’ve included tons of information for school librarians–both newbies and pros–below. But before you read any of that, I recommend new librarians start with this post first. It’s my original new school librarian post, and though I wrote it in 2016, it still rings true for Back-to-School 2020, even with all the COVID-19 mess.

Read New School Librarian? Ten Things You Should Do First

Monthly Library Challenges

Host a Read-A-Thon Fundraiser

Welcome to February! The January Challenge (“Dealing with Difficult Classes in the Library”) was a whopper, so I thought we could do an easier Challenge for February. This month’s challenge

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"September Library Challenge" text superimposed over library shelf

September Library Challenge

It’s 7:45am, and your library is hoppin-busy. Groups of students are playing Chess, Checkers, and Uno. Some are on the computers working on last night’s homework. Some are sitting at

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Articles for New Librarians


Looking to up-your booktalking game? Here are 31 tips and 10 Don’ts that will help make your booktalks fabulous! I don’t recommend trying to implement a lot of them at once. Pick one or two and give them a try this week!


Because sometimes, I just get annoyed with things.

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