a little about me...

Like Charlie Brown, I love getting mail! If you have a question or comment or just want to say hi, please feel free to email or contact me using the contact form below. I check email daily and try to respond within a day or two.

As of August 2014, I am an American librarian working at a private international school in China! My library serves students in Grades 6-12 from 55 different nationalities across the globe. All the students at my school are required to speak English, so the majority of our library books are printed in English. We order books mainly from several local book importers and The Book Depository in the UK. We use Follett Destiny as our circulation system (also like my schools in the US). Though I am in China, my library has access to the same books American students have access to. Prior to August 2014, I was a middle school librarian in Texas. I have opened three brand-new school libraries in the Fort Worth area: two elementaries and one middle school. I have presented booktalks at our regional service center (LOVE that!) and hope to present at international library conferences one day. I was also a book reviewer for School Library Journal from 2012-2017. Before becoming a librarian, I taught 7th grade English and Literature in Fort Worth for three years. This year (2018-19) is my 15th year as a school librarian, and I seriously NEVER get tired of it. Librarians have the best job in the school, and boy, do we know it!


I started this blog in 2011 simply because I love reading and reviewing books. Initially, all my posts were book reviews and thematic booklists. While I do still write book reviews, I have gradually switched my focus from book reviews to lesson ideas and management tips for librarians and classroom teachers. Professional book reviews are widely available, but there is a huge need for librarians to share ideas with one another. New librarians are especially “on their own” in their schools, and many new librarians look to websites like this one for ideas, direction, and a much- needed sense of community. I am honored to be a part of that community and encourage all librarians to reach out and help one another.


I get lots of comments on my blog name. My eleven-year old son, lover of all things silly, is largely responsible for my name. When he was three years old, he called me a “ReaderPants” because I read so much. At the time, I was considering starting a blog and trying to think of a blog name. I thought it was perfect!