Booktalk Presentations

Booktalking with my students is my FAVORITE part of my job! Below are some examples of booktalks I’ve used with my 6th-8th graders. Feel free to use/modify these as you need to for your classroom or library. Enjoy!

Middle School Graphic Novels booktalk–Used with 6th and 7th grade ELL students. Includes 17 graphic novels.

Gothic Horror and Ghost Stories–This was for a 7th grade class learning about our horror section.
Booktalk Prezi: Books in Verse–Great for April, which is National Poetry Month!
Booktalk Prezi: Books in Verse–Great for April, which is National Poetry Month!
Don’t Judge A Book: Great Books With Awful Covers–I originally used this with 6th grade, but I have added a couple of titles for 7th and 8th grade since then.
“Get Real…istic”–features books about bullying, weight issues (male and female), teens serving jail time, and hoarding. Recommended for Gr. 7-10.
“Why You Gotta Be So Mean?”–features books about bullying, hazing, and hate crimes. Used with 8th grade, but appropriate for grades 7-10.
Once Upon A Time–Features 14 fairy tale fiction titles and four book trailers. I used this one with sixth grade, but it would work with older middle schoolers also.
Gifts That Come At A Price–Well-intentioned curses, creepy family heirlooms, gifts from a stalker…these are NOT my favorite things! This one starts with a clip from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.
Reading Road Trip: Texas to California–Similar to Reading Road Trip: Texas, but this time, we leave Texas and head west! One book for each state along the way (2 for Colorado), for a total of 10 books.
“Across the Universe”–This outer space-themed booktalk combines two of my greatest loves: The Beatles and science fiction.
The Game of Life–Uses a clip from Remember the Titans to set the stage for some awesome sports reads!
Twins & Triplets booktalk–10 books featuring twins and triplets. Used with 6th grade.
Snow and Ice Booktalk–10 books set in snowy, frigid climates. Used with 7th grade.
T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G. booktalk–The titles featured in this booktalk spell out the word “THANKSGIVING.” Used with 6th grade.
Post-Apocalypse and Dystopia Prezi Booktalk–Yes, there ARE other great post-apocalypse and dystopia novels OTHER than The Hunger Games! Used with Pre-AP 8th graders.
Halloween Booktalks–There are two here: Halloween Costumes and Monster Mash. Used both with 6th grade.
Reading Road Trip: Texas–Texas authors or books set in Texas. Used with 8th grade.
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