14 Shark Books for Kids – Great for Shark Week!

Do you LOVE shark books for kids? I certainly do! I can remember sitting in the “gold chair” in our living room as a kid, poring over the Time Life Dangerous Sea Creatures book (see it here) from the early-1980s. That book was not for kids, but I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved those colorful, shiny shark photos!

Our students also love sharks, and The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has only helped cultivate a love of sharks for over 30 years! That’s right, the first Shark Week was way back in 1988. I was there, y’all! I was obsessed even as an 8th grader!

Every title in the Sharks Books for Kids slideshow below was hand-selected for the recommended grade levels. You can download and edit the free presentation below in Google Slides. If you prefer PowerPoint, you can find the PPT version of this Shark Books for Kids presentation in my Free Resource Library.


This slideshow is editable in Google Slides and PowerPoint. Please feel free to make a copy and edit it for your library as you wish. I’ve included 14 shark-themed titles for all grade levels, but if you don’t have some of the titles, you can switch them out for titles you do have.

Play the slides on a timed loop in the library or hallway to get students excited to read some gorgeous fiction and nonfiction shark books!

To download the Shark Books for Kids presentation, click the link underneath the slideshow below. Click “Use Template” in the top right corner of the page. This will add a copy of the presentation to your Google Drive. You can then edit it as you like to suit your library.

I included some fantastic books below, several of which have starred professional reviews. It’s a great collection development tool for libraries looking to beef up their shark collections. I also plan to update these slides from time to time to add new titles!


To edit this Shark Digital Booktalk, click this link and “Use Template” to add it to your Google Drive.


If you need classroom or library lessons to go with these shark-themed book selections, check out my ready-made lessons and ideas below! The booktalk slides are the same size and design as the presentations below, so you only need to copy and paste the booktalks into the Storytime Slides.


This Shark Storytime is for Grades 1-4. It was created for elementary libraries, but it can also work well in the classroom. Need ideas for Shark Storytime in your library? Look no further! I've got 11 ideas for you right here!




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