34 Ramadan Books for Kids and Teens – Includes Picture Books, Middle Grades, and YA

Celebrate Ramadan in the library with 34 Ramadan books for kids and teens!

The dates of Ramadan change every year; in 2023, Ramadan is from March 22 to April 20.

This Digital Booktalk features 34 Ramadan books for kids and teens. It includes picture books, middle grade titles, and YA titles. I hand-selected every title to ensure they all received at least two positive professional reviews. Many of these Ramadan books received starred professional reviews.

The link below is for Google Slides, but if you prefer PowerPoint, you can find the PPT version of this Ramadan Digital Booktalk in my Free Resource Library (subscribe to get the password via email).


The Ramadan Digital Booktalk slideshow is editable in Google Slides. Please feel free to make a copy and edit it for your library as you wish. I’ve included lots of popular books for Ramadan that are found in many libraries, but you can easily add your library’s Ramadan books, too.

Play the slides on a timed loop in the library or hallway to encourage students to explore books with Muslim protagonists.

To download the digital booktalk presentation, click the link underneath the slideshow below. Click “make a copy” when the message pops up to make a copy in your Google Drive. You can then edit it to include Ramadan books from your school library.

I included some fantastic titles below, many of which have starred professional reviews. Some have also won book awards, so it can also make a great collection development tool. I also plan to update these slides from time to time to add new titles!


To edit this Ramadan Digital Booktalk, click this link and “make a copy” for your Google Drive.


If you need classroom or library lessons to go with this Ramadan Digital Booktalk, check out my ready-made lessons below! The booktalk slides are the same size and design as the presentations below, so you only need to copy and paste the booktalks into the Library Lesson or Digital Bulletin Board.

*Sixth graders fit into either the Library Lesson or the Digital Bulletin Board. If your sixth graders are on an elementary campus, I recommend the K-5 Library Lesson if you want to teach Ramadan and the Digital Bulletin Board if you prefer a passive slideshow of information and fun facts. The Ramadan Digital Booktalk integrates easily into either presentation.

      Digital Library Bulletin Board for Grades 7-12. The topic is Ramadan.

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