Books for Veterans Day – Downloadable Booktalk Presentation

This Veterans Day Digital Booktalk is for Grades K-12. Free download!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, so I am definitely getting this Books for Veterans Day booktalk presentation out a bit late. Or maybe it’s just super-early for next Veterans Day!

The link below is for Google Slides, but if you prefer PowerPoint, you can find the PPT version of this Books for Veterans Day presentation in my Free Resource Library (subscribe to get the password via email).


The slideshow is editable in Google Slides. Please feel free to make a copy and edit it for your library as you wish.

This Veterans Day slideshow is a ready-to-go passive booktalk for your library! You can play the slides on a timed loop in the library or hallway.

To download the booktalk presentation, click the link underneath the slideshow below. Click “make a copy” when the message pops up to make a copy in your Google Drive. You can then edit it to include books from your school library.

I included some fantastic titles below, many of which have starred professional reviews. Some have also won book awards, so it can also make a great collection development tool.


Click here to make a copy of this presentation on your own Google Drive.

Click here to download the PPT version in my Free Resource Library. (Subscribe to get the password via email).



Looking library lessons to go with it? The slideshow of books for Veterans Day will easily integrate with the library lessons below! Simply copy the slides you want to add and sprinkle them throughout the Storytime or Digital Bulletin Board.

This Veterans Day Digital Bulletin Board is a scrolling slideshow for Grades 7+. Scroll on a loop in the library, hallways, or classroom.    This Veterans Day Library Lesson is for elementary librarians serving Grades K-5. Perfect for Specials rotation librarians!

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