I have well over 400 book reviews archived on the following pages. If you scroll through, they are in order of when I posted the reviews. Please use the drop-down menus above for easier searching.

Know that this section is under constant construction. With this many reviews over a 12-year period, there are lots of variations in what I’ve included in the reviews, and many still need to be tagged for age, genre, and topic.

This is a Librarian's Perspective Review of Ghost by Jason Reynolds.
Ghost : A Librarian’s Perspective Review

Holy-freakin-fantastic! Ghost is easily among 2016’s best, and I can’t think of a more perfect book for seventh graders who “can’t find any books they want to read.” I’m ordering

This is a Librarian's Perspective Review of Bull by David Elliott.
Bull : A Librarian’s Perspective Review

Bull is not your typical mythology novel for teens. It’s nothing like the Percy Jackson series, and I don’t recommend it for most middle school readers. Some readers will find

This is a Librarian's Perspective Review of Caraval by Stephanie Garber.
Caraval : A Librarian’s Perspective Review

Caraval is a weird, twisty, wicked-fun must-read. Watch for Caraval by Stephanie Garber on award lists–it’s a page-turning, action-packed adventure for upper middle school and high school readers! AUTHOR: Stephanie

This is a Librarian's Perspective Review of One by Sarah Crossan.
One : A Librarian’s Perspective Review

Though I found One by Sarah Crossan a tad predictable, I thoroughly enjoyed this unique story of 16-year old conjoined twin sisters. When I booktalked this with my students, they

This is a Librarian's Perspective Review of Zac & Mia by AJ Betts.
Review: Zac & Mia (Betts)

I’ve wanted to read Zac & Mia for quite awhile now! The author, A.J. Betts, came to our school last March and went down like a storm. She was interesting,

This is a Librarian's Perspective Review of Starflight by Melissa Landers.
Starflight : A Librarian’s Perspective Review

Starflight is Overboard meets Pirates of the Caribbean meets Guardians of the Galaxy. This action-packed space opera seriously has everything! AUTHOR: Melissa Landers SERIES: Starflight, book 1 PUBLISHER: Disney-Hyperion PUBLICATION

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