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Review: When Dimple Met Rishi (Menon)

This one is a must in every high school library! I love the characters and the portrayal of the ups and downs of first love.This one is a must in every high school library! I love the characters and the portrayal of the ups and downs of first love.
AUTHOR: Sandhya Menon
SERIES: none
PUBLISHER: Simon Pulse
ISBN: 9781481478687
PAGES: 380
SOURCE: NetGalley
GENRE: contemporary romance
SETTING: California, present day

SUMMARY: College-bound Dimple Shah is embarking on the opportunity of a lifetime: Insomnia Con, a summer program for pre-university students to develop an app and present it to Jenny Lindt, a famous software developer. If Dimple’s app is selected, Jenny Lindt will sponsor the development and marketing of the app. Dimple is especially excited to escape her Indian-immigrant parents for a little while before she goes away to Stanford in the fall. She’s excited about newfound freedom and no longer hearing about how “domestic” a young Indian woman should be. But Dimple gets the surprise of her life when, on her first day of Insomnia Con, a boy named Rishi proposes to her, saying he and Dimple were arranged to be married.

REVIEW: I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one except that it’s super-cute, and I think my students will love it. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, and Rishi’s traditional values are a great complement to Dimple’s independence. I especially loved the clash between immigrant parents and their Westernized children, who are growing up with values very different from their parents.

Speaking of the parents…how awesome are they? I love Dimple’s mother’s protectiveness and desire to preserve Indian culture and values within her daughter. IDimple’s father is great as a calming force bringing balance to the the two strong women in his life. And I always love a YA contemporary with TWO parents actively involved in their teen daughter’s life. Though Dimple has graduated high school and is away from home for the summer, Dimple still talks to her parents on the phone regularly.

I highly recommend this for all high school libraries. Bonus points for the relatively clean content.

THEMES: culture clash, first love, following your dreams, independence from parents, generation gap

THE BOTTOM LINE: It’s cute and a lot of fun. A must for high school libraries.



  • Overall: 5/5
  • Creativity: 5/5
  • Characters: 5/5
  • Engrossing: 5/5
  • Writing: 5/5
  • Appeal to teens: 5/5
  • Appropriate length to tell the story: 5/5


  • Language: very mild; a couple of damns and hells
  • Sexuality: mild-medium; kissing; off-the-page intercourse; a “sexy” talent show dance
  • Violence: none
  • Drugs/Alcohol: very mild; some references to college students drinking. The two main characters do not drink.

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