THANKSGIVING TRIVIA GAME: Looking for zero-prep Thanksgiving activities for middle school? This trivia game helps keep your students learning and engaged, even in the days before a holiday break. It’s zero-prep for you, and text and images are 99% editable.

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Since Ragnarokthe great war between the gods and the forces of chaos—the human realm of the Midlands has become a desperate and dangerous place, bereft of magic.

Sixteen-year-old Eiric Halvorsen is among the luckier ones—his family has remained prosperous. But he stands to lose everything when he’s wrongly convicted by a rigged jury of murdering his modir and stepfadir. Also at risk is Eiric’s half-systir, Liv, who’s under suspicion for her interest in seidr, or magic. Then a powerful jarl steps in: He will pay the blood price if Eiric will lead a mission to the fabled Temple at the Grove—the rich stronghold of the wyrdspinners, the last practitioners of sorcery.

Spellsinger, musician, and runecaster Reginn Eiklund has spent her life performing at alehouses for the benefit of her master, Asger, a fire demon she is desperate to escape. After one performance that amazes even herself, two wyrdspinners in the audience make Reginn an irresistible offer: return with them to the Temple to be trained in seidr, forever free of Asger.

Eiric’s, Liv’s, and Reginn’s journeys converge in New Jotunheim, a paradise fueled by magic and the site of the Temple. They soon realize that a great evil lurks beneath the dazzling surface and that old betrayals and long-held grudges may fuel another cataclysmic war. It will require every gift and weapon at their command to prevent it.


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Review: Roller Girl (Jamieson)

Mrs. ReaderPants reviews Roller Girl, a graphic novel perfect for tweens!2016 Graphic Novel Challenge, book #13, and it’s the best one so far! This cute graphic novel is a must for any library serving tweens. It’s beautiful, clean, and has many positive messages for tween girls. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

AUTHOR: Victoria Jamieson
SERIES: none
PUBLICATION DATE: March 10, 2015
ISBN: 9780803740167
PAGES: 240
SOURCE: my library
GENRE: realistic, graphic novel
SETTING: Portland, Oregon; modern day
GIVE IT TO: upper-ES and MS

SUMMARY: Twelve-year old Astrid expected her best friend Nicole to attend Roller Camp with her this summer, but Nicole chooses to attend dance camp with another friend instead.

REVIEW: Roller Girl is book #13 on my 2016 Graphic Novel Challenge, and it is my favorite one yet. I adored this book, and I already know it’s going to be a massive hit at my school. I loved the illustrations, the facial expressions, the lessons learned, and of course, the roller skating!

I love how real the story is. Astrid deals with friend drama and misunderstandings and the fact that best friends can still have other friends. Astrid deals with difficulties with her mother, and many girls will identify with that struggle as well. Author/illustrator Victoria Jamieson certainly knows her audience.

Every library that serves tweens needs Roller Girl, probably multiple copies.

THEMES: friendship ups and downs, mean girls, tackling difficulties head-on, communication, mothers and daughters, lying, being a good friend, the importance of apologies

THE BOTTOM LINE: A must-read. Adults will also like this one–I sure enjoyed it!

STATUS IN MY LIBRARY: We have two copies.


  • Overall: 5/5
  • Creativity: 5/5
  • Characters: 5/5
  • Engrossing: 5/5
  • Writing: 5/5
  • Appeal to teens: 5/5 (tweens)
  • Appropriate length to tell the story: 5/5


  • Language: none
  • Sexuality: very mild; girls talk about kissing a boy (the boy seems pretty clueless about it)
  • Violence: none
  • Drugs/Alcohol: people make jokes that Astrid is on drugs since she is behaving differently

Sounds good to you? Click here to buy Roller Girl from Amazon!

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