I have well over 400 book reviews archived on the following pages. If you scroll through, they are in order of when I posted the reviews. Please use the drop-down menus above for easier searching.

Know that this section is under constant construction. With this many reviews over a 12-year period, there are lots of variations in what I’ve included in the reviews, and many still need to be tagged for age, genre, and topic.

Review: Look for Me By Moonlight (Hahn)

AUTHOR: Mary Downing Hahn SERIES: none PUBLISHER: Harper Trophy PUBLICATION DATE: April 24, 1995 ISBN: 9780380727032 PAGES: 192 SOURCE: my library GENRE: mystery/romance GIVE IT TO: MS boys and girls

Review: Every You, Every Me (Levithan)

AUTHOR: David Levithan; photos by Jonathan Farmer SERIES: none PUBLISHER: Knopf Books for Young Readers PUBLICATION DATE: Sept. 13, 2011 ISBN: 9780375860980 PAGES: 245 SOURCE: public library GENRE: realistic, mystery

Review: Ruby Red (Gier)

AUTHOR: Kersten Gier; Anthea Bell (translator) SERIES: Edelstein Trilogie, book 1 PUBLISHER: Henry Holt and Co. PUBLICATION DATE: May 10, 2011 ISBN: 9780805092523 PAGES: 324 SOURCE: my library GENRE: sci-fi

Review: You Against Me (Downham)

AUTHOR: Jenny Downham SERIES: none PUBLISHER: David Fickling Books PUBLICATION DATE: Dec. 2, 2010 ISBN: 9780385613507 PAGES: 413 SOURCE: public library GENRE: realistic; romance GIVE IT TO: HS boys/girls SUMMARY:

Review: Divergent (Roth)

AUTHOR: Veronica Roth SERIES: Divergent, Book 1 PUBLISHER: HarperCollins PUBLICATION DATE: May 3, 2011 ISBN: 9780062024022 PAGES: 489 SOURCE: public library GENRE: Dystopia GIVE IT TO: MS, HS boys and

Review: Fins Are Forever

AUTHOR: Tera Lynn Childs SERIES: Fins, book 2 PUBLISHER: HarperCollins PUBLICATION DATE: June 28, 2011 ISBN: 9780061914683 PAGES: 272 SOURCE: my library GENRE: fantasy (mermaids), romance GIVE IT TO: MS

Review: Tiger’s Voyage (Houck)

AUTHOR: Colleen Houck SERIES: Tiger Saga, book 3 PUBLISHER: Splinter Publishing PUBLICATION DATE: Nov. 1, 2011 ISBN: 9781402784057 PAGES: 560 SOURCE: my library GENRE: fantasy, romance, mythology GIVE IT TO:

Review: Beauty Queens (Bray)

AUTHOR: Libba Bray SERIES: none PUBLISHER: Scholastic Press PUBLICATION DATE: May 24, 2011 ISBN: 9780439895972 PAGES: 396 SOURCE: public library GENRE: Survival; humor (satire) GIVE IT TO: Smart HS girls

Review: Dead is the New Black (Marlene Perez)

AUTHOR: Marlene Perez SERIES: Dead Is, book 1 PUBLISHER: Harcourt Paperbacks PUBLICATION DATE: Sept. 1, 2008 ISBN:9780152064082 PAGES: 204 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Paranormal GIVE IT TO: perfect for MS

Review: Legacy (Molly Cochran)

AUTHOR: Molly Cochran SERIES: none PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books PUBLICATION DATE: December 20, 2011 ISBN:9781442417397 PAGES: 464 SOURCE: Simon & Schuster Galley Grab GENRE: Paranormal romance GIVE IT

Review: Bloodlust (Alex Duval)

AUTHOR: Alex Duval SERIES: Vampire Beach, book 1 PUBLISHER: Simon Pulse PUBLICATION DATE: May 9, 2006 ISBN:9781416911661 PAGES: 208 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Paranormal, vampires GIVE IT TO: HS boys

Review: The Always War (Margaret Peterson Haddix)

AUTHOR: Margaret Peterson Haddix SERIES: none PUBLISHER: Simon and Schuster PUBLICATION DATE: November 15, 2011 ISBN: 9780689873805 PAGES: 208 SOURCE: Galley Grab GENRE: Science Fiction GIVE IT TO: MS OVERALL

Review: Shadowcry (Jenna Burtenshaw)

AUTHOR: Jenna Burtenshaw SERIES: Secrets of Wintercraft, book 1 PUBLISHER: Greenwillow PUBLICATION DATE: June 21, 2011 (originally published May 13, 2010) ISBN: 9780062026422 PAGES: 320 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Fantasy

Review: Fat Cat by Robin Brande

AUTHOR: Robin Brande SERIES: none PUBLISHER: Knopf Books for Young Readers PUBLICATION DATE: October 13, 2009 ISBN:9780375844492 PAGES: 330 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Realistic Fiction GIVE IT TO: MS, HS

Review: Tiger’s Quest

AUTHOR: Colleen Houck SERIES: Tiger Saga, book 2 PUBLISHER: Splinter PUBLICATION DATE: October 4, 2009 ISBN: 9781402784866 PAGES: 496 SOURCE: public library GENRE: fantasy/romance GIVE IT TO: ANYONE; this series

Review: Tiger’s Curse

AUTHOR: Colleen Houck SERIES: The Tiger Saga, book 1 PUBLISHER: Splinter PUBLICATION DATE: January 11, 2011 ISBN:978140278403 PAGES: 402 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Fantasy/romance/mythology GIVE IT TO: MS, HS OVERALL

Review: Chain Reaction (Simone Elkeles)

AUTHOR: Simone Elkeles SERIES: Perfect Chemistry, book 3 PUBLISHER: Walker Books PUBLICATION DATE: August 16, 2011 ISBN:9780802720870 PAGES: 308 SOURCE: borrowed from a friend GENRE: Romance, realistic RECOMMENDED FOR: HS

Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

AUTHOR: Jay Asher SERIES: none PUBLISHER: Razorbill PUBLICATION DATE: October 18, 2007 ISBN: 9781595141712 PAGES: 288 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Realistic/problem fiction RECOMMENDED FOR: upper MS, HS OVERALL RATING: Neutral

Review: Ushers, Inc.

AUTHOR: Rusty Fischer SERIES: none PUBLISHER: Decadent Publishing Co. PUBLICATION DATE: June 22, 2011 ASIN:  B0057PJA72   PAGES: 305 SOURCE: ebook sent by author GENRE: humor; horror RECOMMENDED FOR: HS,

Review: If I Stay

AUTHOR: Gayle Forman SERIES: If I Stay, Book 1 PUBLISHER: Dutton Juvenile, Penguin Young Readers PUBLICATION DATE: April 9, 2009 ISBN:9780525421030 PAGES: 199 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Realistic RECOMMENDED FOR:

Review: The Seer and the Sword

AUTHOR: Victoria Hanley SERIES: Healer and Seer, book 1   PUBLISHER: Laurel Leaf     PUBLICATION DATE: December 28, 2000  ISBN:  9780440229773 PAGES: 352 SOURCE: My library  GENRE: Fantasy/romance  

Review: Cloaked

AUTHOR: Alex Flinn SERIES: none PUBLISHER: HarperCollins PUBLICATION DATE: February 8, 2011 ISBN:9780060874223 PAGES: 341 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Fairy tale mash-up GIVE IT TO: MS OVERALL RATING: Neutral opinion

Review: Vampire Rising

AUTHOR: Jason Henderson SERIES: Alex Van Helsing, book 1   PUBLISHER: Harper Teen     PUBLICATION DATE: May 1, 2010 ISBN:  9780061950995 PAGES: 272 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Action-adventure, vampires

Review: Hex Hall (Rachel Hawkins)

AUTHOR: Rachel Hawkins SERIES: Hex Hall, book 1 PUBLISHER: Hyperion  PUBLICATION DATE: March 2, 2010 ISBN:  9781423121305    PAGES: 323 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Paranormal romance GIVE IT TO:  MS,

Zombies Don’t Cry

AUTHOR: Rusty Fischer SERIES: none PUBLISHER: Medallion Press PUBLICATION DATE: May 1, 2011    ISBN:  9781605423821 PAGES: 371 SOURCE: sent from author GENRE: Humor; possibly horror because of the zombies,

Review: Trapped (Northrop)

AUTHOR: Michael Northrop SERIES: none PUBLISHER: Scholastic Press     PUBLICATION DATE: January 1, 2011  ISBN:  9780545210126 PAGES: 224 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Survival, realistic GIVE IT TO: MS, HS

Forgive My Fins

AUTHOR: Tera Lynn Childs SERIES: Fins, book 1   PUBLISHER: HarperCollins PUBLICATION DATE: May 19, 2010 ISBN:  9780061914669 PAGES: 293 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Fantasy, Romance RECOMMENDED FOR: MS, HS

Review: Wither by Lauren DeStefano

AUTHOR: Lauren DeStefano SERIES: The Chemical Garden, book 1 PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster Children’s PUBLICATION DATE: March 22, 2011 ISBN: 9781442409057 PAGES: 358 SOURCE: My library GENRE: dystopia OVERALL RATING:

Review: Bruiser (Neal Shusterman)

AUTHOR: Neal Schusterman SERIES: none PUBLISHER: HarperTeen PUBLICATION DATE: June 17, 2010 ISBN:  9780061134104 PAGES: 352 SOURCE: My MS library GENRE: Realistic with a paranormal twist RECOMMENDED FOR: MS, HS 

Review: Ashfall (Mullin)

AUTHOR: Mike Mullin SERIES: Ashfall, book 1 PUBLISHER: Tanglewood Press   PUBLICATION DATE: October 11, 2011  ISBN:  9781933718552   PAGES: 466 SOURCE: NetGalley GENRE: Survival, Apocalypse RECOMMENDED FOR: HS, upper

Review: Th3 Cha0s (Ward)

AUTHOR: Rachel Ward SERIES:Numbers, book 2 PAGES:352 PUBLISHER: Scholastic PUBLICATION DATE: March 1, 2011 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Supernatural OVERALL RATING: Highly recommended RECOMMENDED FOR: HS, upper-MS SUMMARY: Like his

Review: Camo Girl (Magoon)

AUTHOR: Kekla Magoon PAGES: 218 PUBLISHER: Aladdin Books PUBLICATION DATE: January 4, 2011 GENRE: Realistic Fiction OVERALL RATING: Highly recommended RECOMMENDED FOR: Grades 4-7; With a head shot of a

Review: Sweetly (Pearce)

AUTHOR:Jackson Pearce SERIES: Sisters Red, book 2 PAGES: 320 PUBLISHER: Little, Brown and Company PUBLICATION DATE: August 24, 2011 SOURCE: galley from TLA 2011 Conference GENRE: Fairy tale/Fantasy OVERALL RATING:

Review: Before I Fall (Oliver)

AUTHOR: Lauren Oliver ISBN: 9780061726804 PUBLISHER: HarperCollins PAGES: 440 PUBLICATION DATE: March 2, 2010 SOURCE: My library GENRE: Realistic Fiction OVERALL RATING: Highly recommended RECOMMENDED FOR: High school girls SUMMARY:

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