Fairy Tales Trivia Game


Once upon a time…a teacher needed a fun, engaging way to teach and review fairy tales! This no-prep PPT Trivia Game includes questions from 20 popular fairy tales. Everything is done for you, and all text is editable.

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Needed to open and edit this file:

  • PowerPoint

Included in the download:

  • PowerPoint game
  • list of fairy tales mentioned in the game (great as a reference for you or to give to students and parents)
  • directions for game play (Slide 3 of the PPT)

Recommended for: Grades 2-4

About the game:

  • 25 questions and answers (50 slides)
  • 5 categories: Family, Objects, Animals, Big & Little, and Once Upon a Time
  • All text editable. Artwork has been locked down to secure copyrighted material.
  • Dollar amounts for each question disappear after the question is selected. This ensures students do not select the same question twice. For example, if a student selects “Animals for $200,” the question will be revealed. Upon return to the game board, the “Animals for $200” square will no longer be visible.
  • Every question and answer slide has adorable clipart to go with it.


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Purchase this product now and earn 6 Points!
20% off $100 purchase