Oceans Trivia Game -- Earth Day


This Oceans Trivia Game will get your students laughing and learning! It’s great for Earth Day activities or anytime you want to teach students about ocean conservation. Includes 25 question and answer slides. Play in PowerPoint.

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  • Recommended for: Grades 3-6
  • Teaching time: 1-2 class periods (45 minutes each)
  • Total number of slides/pages: 54
  • Editable: YES, all text is editable in PPT
  • Illustrated: YES, all slides contain photos
  • Needed to open and edit: PPT and PDF–To ensure dollar amounts disappear when clicked, please use PowerPoint 2016 or later.
  • You will need: presentation screen, computer, whiteboard or paper/pencil for keeping score



  • PowerPoint game
  • directions for game play (1 PDF page)



No. This game includes features that are not compatible with Google Slides.

An important feature of the game is that the dollar amounts on the game board disappear when clicked. This prevents students from selecting the same questions over and over during game play. This function is not currently available through Google Slides.

If you are remote teaching, this game works great when played via Zoom, where the teacher shares their screen to play.



  • 25 questions and answers (50 slides)
  • 5 categories: Animals, Beaches, Pollution, People, and Oceans
  • All text editable. Artwork has been locked down to secure copyrighted material.
  • Dollar amounts for each question disappear after the question is selected. This ensures students do not select the same question twice. For example, if a student selects “Beaches for $200,” the question will be revealed. Upon return to the game board, the “Beaches for $200” square will no longer be visible.
  • Every question and answer slide has full-color photos to go with it.



  • Vocabulary words
    • symbiosis
    • species
    • siphonophores
    • radial symmetry
    • decapod
    • microplastic
    • coral bleaching
    • sea ice
    • glacier
    • iceberg
  • Concepts
    • volcanic sand
    • cast of crabs
    • tides
    • algae bloom
    • Deepwater Horizon
    • Pacific Garbage Patch
    • population of earth
    • protecting coral reefs
    • whaling
    • names of the five oceans
    • Mariana Trench
    • Challenger Deep
    • Panama Canal
    • world’s largest, smallest, deepest
    • plural of octopus


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