100th Day of School Trivia Game


Students LOVE this zero-prep 100th Day of School activity! This trivia game includes 25 questions and answers, all themed for the number 100. Categories include Animals, Time, Math, Money, and Random. All text is editable in PPT.

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  • PowerPoint
  • PDF reader (needed for directions only)
  • Some way to keep score (whiteboard or paper/pencil work fine)



  • This game requires ZERO PREP. You can pull it up on your computer, and it is all ready to go!
  • Students do not need any prior knowledge of the questions. Most of the questions are multiple choice, so they can always guess. Many answers are logical–you can talk students through figuring them out if they are stuck.
  • Every answer slide includes additional information about the answer. This game is instructional, and students are guaranteed to learn lots of new fun facts!



  • Includes 25 questions, most of which are multiple choice
  • Written by a school librarian for use in the library or classroom
  • When you click on the dollar amounts on the game board, they disappear when you return to the board. This ensures students do not pick a question that has already been asked.
  • All text and headers are editable in PowerPoint.



  • Animals–Includes fun facts about animal weights, food, anatomy
  • Time–centuries, minutes, days, years
  • Money–Only two questions involve US dollars specifically.
  • Math–googol, hectares, Roman numerals, odd/even, what totals more than 100
  • Random–These are more difficult questions, but all are multiple choice. Topics include Hecatoncheires (monster from Greek mythology), centenarians, 100 section of the library, animals with over 100 legs, animals with more than 100 teeth.



  • PowerPoint game (54 slides)
  • printable game instructions


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Purchase this product now and earn 6 Points!
20% off $100 purchase