Sunday, August 20, 2017

How I Manage Student Lunchtime In My Secondary Library

How I Manage Lunchtime in my Middle School Library

Happy B2S! For the past three years, all my grade 6-12 students had lunch at the same exact time. They have 50-minutes for lunch, and the students have lots of options for free space during this time. They can freely drift between the cafeteria, coffee shop, library, gym, several outdoor areas, lunch clubs, planned activities, and the boarding house. We have trivia contests, mini-talent shows, impromptu dance music, and just general hang time.

I LOVE this 50-minute free lunch time for students, and I wish the USA would do this more often in schools. There is a duty schedule for teachers (because none are teaching at that time), which ensures all teachers get a lunch time and all areas are supervised. I do not need library passes, and I do not limit the number of students in the library at lunch. As a result, the library is packed during lunch, especially during the second half, when many of our 365 students are finished eating. Read more...