Tuesday, December 18, 2018

New Release Spotlight: December 18, 2018

It's Winter Break!!! I know many schools are still in session for part or all of this week...you're almost there!

Congratulations to Julie from Olathe, KS for winning last week's New Release Spotlight's lucky draw. Julie selected The Fade by Demitria Lunetta as her prize. I'm doing the drawing again this week, so don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom to enter. You may pick any book from November or December's New Release Spotlights (click on the New Releases tab to see Spotlights for the past 10 weeks). The drawing will close on Sunday at midnight CST, and the winner will be notified on Monday.

December continues to be a slow month for new releases. I found only seven new releases this week, and next Tuesday (Christmas Day) looks equally sparse. I'm not even sure if I'm going to bother with a New Release Spotlight next week since the list will be so short. We'll see.