What's Your Genre Personality? Quiz + Poster Bundle (MS/HS)


This bundle includes the middle school / high school version of my Genre Personality Quiz kit and 24 coordinating posters. It’s a fun way to help readers of all interests to find the right books for them. Includes Google Slides version for distance learning.


Reading Genre Personality Test -- Secondary Library Lesson -- Genre Activity

Remember all those magazine quizzes we took as teens? This Reading Genre Personality Test is styled after those quizzes. Students LOVE this library genre activity! This version is designed to help secondary library students identify which reading genres are best for them.

Update June 2022: All readalike bookmarks have been updated with new titles for 2022, plus the Genre Personality Quiz presentation got a fresh new design! If you already own it, you can re-download the file (login and go to MY ACCOUNT) to get the update for free.

What's Your Genre Personality? Poster Set (secondary version)

This poster set goes with my popular What's Your Genre Personality? Quiz on TPT. These posters complement the secondary version of the quiz. They are great for library or classroom decor or in creating genre personality book displays.


Looking for the Elementary Version of this bundle? Click here.

Click here to see the full preview (PDF).

Click here to see a video demo of the PPT Quiz on YouTube. It’s about 10 minutes long, but I show all parts of the product and talk about how I use it in my library.


  • Number of slides: 36 PPT and 36 Google Slides, quiz answers are editable in both versions
  • Number of printable pages: 78
  • Number of posters: 12 printer-friendly + 12 full-background
  • Technology requirements: computer + projector + screen or wall (to use the PowerPoint), copier, paper, Google Classroom if digital
  • Student supplies: pen or pencil + one piece of paper or printable quiz
  • Lesson Duration: 2 lessons of 40 minutes each (you could skip 2-3 questions if you have less time)


  • PowerPoint quiz— 36 PPT slides; The PPT walks students through questions about their own personalities, likes, dislikes, and preferences. Includes scoring directions and all 12 Genre Personality profiles. It’s all ready to go! No prep is needed other than printing the quiz for students to follow along, if desired. Includes full directions for teacher and students.
  • Interactive Google Slides version–36 Google Slides; teachers can edit all quiz answers.
  • Printable quiz–Students can write their answers on the printable as they take the PPT quiz. Includes 3-page quiz and 1-page “My Genre Personality” Reflections sheet. (4-page PDF) + Google Slides version.
  • Google Form for the “My Genre Personality” Reflections Sheet–This is a great way for librarians and teachers to see student results and whether students think they are accurate for their personalities.
  • 24 double-sided readalike bookmarks— One side is the Genre Personality description; the other side is a list of recommended book titles; sorted by age group (middle school and high school + adult). All the bookmarks are fully editable with PowerPoint. PDF is of each is also included. (36 pages, PDF; fully-editable)
  • Full-page Genre Personality Profiles— This is a larger version of the bookmarks, but it also includes color illustrations. All suggested book titles are editable, so you can make the recommendations fit your library. Includes MS and HS + adult Profiles (24 pages, PDF and Google Slides; book titles are editable)
  • Lesson Plan–Detailed, step-by-step instructions for prep, Day 1, Day 2, and after Day 2. Includes digital and face-to-face lesson plans. (9 pages, PDF; not editable)
  • Answer key cards for printable quiz–Four cards per page. These will tell students what their Personalities are based on their answers. (1 page, PDF; not editable)
  • Printable genre personality description cards–These are great to hand out to students, teachers, and parents who want a small copy of their Genre Personality Profile (4 pages, PDF; not editable)


  • 12 full-background posters (one for each Personality)
  • 12 printer-friendly posters (one for each Personality)
  • 24 posters total
  • PDF and PNG versions


  • The Questioner
  • The Escapist
  • The Innovator
  • The Realist
  • The Erudite
  • The Thrill-Seeker
  • The Comedian
  • The Amigue
  • The Activist
  • The Artist
  • The Sports Fan
  • The Naturalist


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