Thanksgiving Activities Booklet – Time Fillers – Early Finisher Packet


This printable Thanksgiving Activities Booklet includes 14 fun activities for Grades 2-5. Includes word scramble, color-by-number, this-or-thats, a scavenger hunt, and more! Great for substitute teachers, time fillers, or early finisher activities.

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  • Recommended for: Grades 2-5
  • Formats: PDF
  • Editable: no
  • Lesson duration: This is self-guided, so students can work on the activities over time. They can also take it home.
  • You will need: printer, colored pencils, markers, or crayons, pencils, long-arm stapler (optional)


  • 14 pages of activities, printed on half-sheets (just print and fold down the middle; staple is optional but will help keep the booklet together)
  • answer keys


Activities vary in difficulty, from very easy to more difficult.

  • 5 different colorable covers (easy)
  • 1 color-by-number (medium – image is detailed)
  • 1 color-by-letter (easy)
  • “Find a Friend Who…” (medium; requires reading)
  • Sequencing – how to make cornbread (easy; includes images)
  • This or That – 6 questions (easy, includes images and simple text)
  • Thanksgiving word search (medium; requires reading; most words are vertical or horizontal)
  • Thanksgiving word search (challenging – does not include word bank; most words are vertical or horizontal, but a handful or diagonal or backward for an extra challenge)
  • “I Am Thankful For…” – six categories with three write-in spaces for each (medium; requires some reading and writing)
  • Thanksgiving A-Z – students write A-Z words that relate to Thanksgiving (medium – some letters are challenging; requires writing)
  • Word Scramble – Students unscramble Thanksgiving words (challenging)
  • Scavenger Hunt – This is designed to be completed at home over the Thanksgiving break. Most options are unlikely to be found at school. (easy – includes simple text and images)


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