Greek Mythology Memory Game


Looking for a fun way to review major Greek mythology characters? This Greek Mythology Memory Game gets students moving, talking, and laughing! Everything is ready to go, just print, laminate, and play!

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This Memory game includes:

  • 25 clue cards (PDF, not editable)
  • 25 answer cards (PDF, not editable)
  • 3-page directions with game map diagram
To play the game:
  • Print and laminate the clue and answer cards (50 cards total).
  • Clear a large space on the floor. You will need room for 50 letter-sized pieces of paper to lie face-down individually, plus enough room for students to sit or stand around the cards lying on the floor.
  • I usually allow students to use their notes if they have them.
  • Place the clue cards and answer cards face down on the floor. Spread them out like a memory game. Clue cards go on one side of the floor; answer cards go on the other side. See the map in the preview for a visual.
  • In teams, students flip one clue card and one answer card. If they match, that team picks up both cards. If they do not match, the cards are turned back over in the same location.
  • The winning team is the one that collects the most cards at the end.
  • This game takes one full class period. Start as quickly as you can at the beginning of the period. If you run out of time, you can still pick a winning team based on the number of cards collected. It is not necessary to finish the entire game if you run out of time. The students still get plenty of practice!


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