Greek Mythology Booklet


This PDF booklet contains 15 popular Greek myths, 12 of which are the major Olympic gods and goddesses. Each one-page character profile contains the character’s Greek and Roman name, symbols, animal, how they are related to other gods, and a short story related to that Greek mythology character.

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Need a student project? This booklet goes with my Greek Mythology Flip Book.

This PDF booklet is NOT EDITABLE.

Recommended for: Grades 4-7

Includes two versions:

  • booklet format with front cover, Table of Contents, numbered pages, and extra space in left margin for staples, comb-binding, or holepunches
  • individual format–designed for handing out individual myths. Does not include page numbers or left-side margins.

The 15 myths include all of the following gods and goddesses:

  • Zeus–story of how he overthrew his father, Cronus
  • Poseidon–story of the Gorgon Medusa
  • Hades–story of his kidnapping of Persephone
  • Hera–stories of her jealous wrath
  • Artemis–story of Callisto the Bear
  • Athena–story of Arachne
  • Apollo–story of Daphne
  • Ares–story of The Judgment of Paris and the starts of The Trojan War)
  • Dionysus–story of his birth
  • Aphrodite–story of Atalanta
  • Hermes–story of the theft of Apollo’s cattle
  • Hephaestus–story of Pandora
  • Demeter–story of King Erysichthon
  • Atlas–story of his encounter with Heracles
  • Heracles–intro to the Twelve Labors with a description of the first labor (Nemean Lion)


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20% off $100 Discount
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