Ancient Greece Interactive Presentation for Google™ Slides and PPT


Starting a Greek mythology unit? This interactive, student-directed presentation gives your students essential background information about the Ancient Greek civilization, the Greek creation story, the Titan War, and the twelve Olympic gods.


This presentation is available in PowerPoint and Google™ Slides format. The Google™ Slides version is designed specifically for use with Google™ Classroom. If you do not have Google™ Classroom, you can use one of the two PowerPoint versions (included).

This product is NOT EDITABLE.

Needed to use this product:

  • Your personal or school district’s Google™ Drive and/or PowerPoint
  • Student tablets, laptops, or desktop computers (optional)
  • Google™ Classroom (optional)

About this presentation:

  • Includes 3 versions (details below)
  • 88 slides
  • All slides include images (Don’t worry–it’s Greek Mythology, but I’ve been careful to ensure no nudity.)
  • Not editable

The presentation includes four sections:

  • Ancient Greeks
  • Creation story
  • Titans and the Titan Wars
  • 12 Olympic gods
  • Each section includes a three-question interactive quiz at the end (total of 12 questions)

Three versions include:

  • Google™ Slides version — perfect for Google™ Classroom! Copy link is included in the product.
  • Interactive PowerPoint — great if you do not have Google™ Classroom (you will need to copy the presentation onto classroom or library computers)
  • Non-interactive PowerPoint — great for teacher-led presentations — interactive links and slides related to the links have been removed

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