Earth Day Activities Bundle


Looking for no-prep activities for Earth Day in your middle school? This activity bundle includes a PowerPoint trivia game and an endangered animals PowerPoint + research activity. Both feature full-color photography and facts for every concept.


Bundle Product #1

Earth Day Trivia Game:

  • 25 questions in 5 Earth Day categories: Oceans, Pollution, Deforestation, Endangered, and Climate Change
  • 53-slide PowerPoint game (editable)
  • “How to Play” instructions (1 page, not editable)
  • Once a dollar amount is selected, it disappears from the game board.
  • Restart the game to reset the game board.
  • This game includes questions about all of these Earth Day and conservation-related terms and concepts: agriculture, Amazon Rainforest, biodegrade, carbon dioxide, climate change, conservation, decibels, deforestation, endangered, extinct, global temperature, global warming, Great Barrier Reef, greenhouse gases, methane, ozone layer, poaching, pollution (water, air, noise, light, natural), rainforest, recycle, Pacific Garbage Patch, pet trade, and urbanization.

Animals mentioned in the game include: African lion, bats, Chinese river dolphin, lemurs, manatees, orcas, orangutans, sharks, and white-tailed deer.


Bundle Product #2:

Printables include:

  • endangered animals research activity (PDF; editable in PPT)
  • list of 26 read-alouds (picture books and novels) for Earth Day in middle school
  • printable list of 39 endangered animals, grouped by mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, insects, and marine invertebrates (PDF; editable in PPT)
  • 18 vocabulary words with definitions (PDF; editable in PPT)
  • vocabulary words crossword puzzle (PDF, clues are editable)
  • vocabulary crossword answer key (PDF, clues are editable)

PowerPoint includes:

  • 29 editable slides
  • Thoroughly researched by a seasoned school librarian
  • 24 animal profiles–each profile includes a full-color photo of the animal, information on current endangered status (as of October 2020), location, habitat, number left in the wild, and interesting facts.
  • Animal profiles include: mountain gorilla, Asian tiger, black rhinoceros, ring-tailed lemur, Yangtze giant softshell turtle, giant panda, hammerhead shark, great white shark, polar bear, Chinese river dolphin, manatee, amur leopard, hawksbill sea turtle, Sumatran rhino, orangutan, Asian elephant, whale, pangolin, Galapagos penguin, hippopotamus, coral, whale shark, giraffe, and California condor.
  • Vocabulary includes: endangered, extinct, critically-endangered, vulnerable, conservation, habitat, breeding programs, biodiversity, poaching, urbanization, trophy-hunting, lifespan, omnivore, carnivore, herbivore, carrion, species, and deforestation


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