How to Genrefy Your Library – A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you ready to take on the third library challenge? Whether you want to genrefy your library, or you are already genrefied, Library Challenge #3 has something for everyone! This one is a whopper!

There are two separate tasks lists for the Library Genrefication Challenge, but you are free to dabble from both if that works better for you.

Challenge #1: Genrefy Your Library

The first challenge is for librarians who are ready to genrefy right now. If you’ve been thinking about genrefying they library for awhile but are having trouble getting started, this is your challenge!

For the Genrefy Your Library challenge, you have seven tasks to complete. This will not be a “genrefy your library by XXX date” task. It is designed to get you started and on your way. Depending on your library’s needs, how much weeding is needed, the size of your collection, and your schedule, this task could take many months.

My best advice for you is: Pace yourself, enjoy the process, and be diligent. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

Download Challenge #1 Task List–Genrefy Your Library

Challenge #2: Promote Two Genres

The second challenge is for librarians who are already genrefied, do not want to genrefy, or can’t genrefy right now. The second challenge focuses on promoting two or more genres in your library, creating large, eye-catching genre displays, teaching lessons about the genres, and even creating some colorful genre trees!

Download Challenge #2 Task List–Promote Two Genres

Tools to Help with the Library Genrefication Challenge

This set of Library Genre Spine Labels includes 50 labels for book spines. Great for all grade levels.I’ve created 50 gorgeous, colorful genre spine labels for your books! The labels represent a wide variety of library genres for elementary, middle, and high school fiction books.

If you or someone you know is planning to genrefy, these labels could save you loads of time. They are also excellent for labeling books in classroom libraries.


For those of you doing the challenge, you can use the coupon code GENRECHALLENGE3 in the MrsReaderPants blog store for an extra 25% off the genre spine labels. The labels are also available in my TPT store, but I am unable to create coupons for TPT.

Presentation about Library Genrefication: November 19, 2019 at Shanghai American School in China

This presentation is on SlideShare and is available for download. It is not editable, but you can use it to help explain genrefication to your principal and teachers. If you are looking for a video narration of the presentation, see the video below.

(this is not editable)


If you are looking for audio narration of the genrefication presentation slides above, it is available below. It’s kind of long (just over an hour), but I explain the slides in detail and talk about things that are not included in the slides.

Library Genrefication Challenge Links

I have written several articles about the benefits of genrefication. Click the Ideas – Genrefication tab at the top of this page to see all of them.

More excellent genrefication resources and articles from librarians:

“What School Librarians Have to Say About Genrefication” on

“Genrefication: Removing Barriers to Access” on Knowledge Quest from AASL

“The Case Against…Genrefication” by Suzanne Sannwald

Genrefication: 5 Resources by Suzanne Sannwald

Links mentioned in the group:

Genre Trees description and photos

Science Fiction sub-genres by sci-fi author Jonathan Maberry

“HS Genrefication–1 Year Later” by Kelsey Bogan of Don’t Shush Me! blog

Genrefying Picture Books from Mollee Branden

Library Genrefication: Do’s and Don’ts from GoAlexandria

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