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Check out our newest Genre Tree!

Introducing the Fantasy Genre Tree! Each year just before Thanksgiving Break, I set up our genre trees. I have added a new tree each year since we genre-fied in 2011. This year’s tree is purple to represent our High Fantasy section. So pretty!

The top of the tree is adorned with a large purple dragon foot from my son’s Skylanders Halloween costume. Each of the paper chain links has a title from a book in our High Fantasy genre section, all in different purple fonts. The ornaments include a homemade wand and two homemade wizard caps. I am planning to dig in my kids’ toybox this weekend to see if I can find some other fantasy-related ornaments. The presents under the tree are books from the High Fantasy genre section.


Our other two genre trees are the Romance/Chick Lit tree (pink) and the Realistic Fiction tree (blue)–Click this link for detailed photos of the pink and blue trees. All three trees are up and decorated in the library (we introduce a new one each year, but all of them are up at the same time). The colors for all trees reflect the color-coded label on the books in their respective genre sections.

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