Thanksgiving Trivia Game


Looking for zero-prep Thanksgiving activities for middle school? This trivia game helps keep your students learning and engaged, even in the days before a holiday break. It’s zero-prep for you, and the text is 99% editable.

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You can use this Thanksgiving Trivia Game at home, too!

Got restless Thanksgiving visitors? This is a great way to entertain your own children at a Thanksgiving gathering. Play kids versus adults, and see who comes out on top!

IMPORTANT! You must open this game with an up-to-date version of PowerPoint. If you open in Keynote, Google Slides, or some other program, the dollar amounts may not disappear from the game board as they should. I did include a converted version of the game in the file for older PowerPoints, but I am unable to test it to ensure it works.

Recommended for: Grades 5-8

About the game:

  • 25 questions and answers (50 slides)
  • 99% editable. Everything is editable except the art work on the game board (slide 4).
  • Every question and answer slide has a photo to go with it.
  • Don’t believe my answers to the questions? Want to check my sources to make sure they are accurate and come from valid sources? I’m a librarian and research EVERYTHING to the nth degree. But if you cannot sleep without knowing my source about the busiest travel day of the year or who is playing in the Thanksgiving Day football game this year, I’ve included my sources and image credit in the notes section of the slides.

Your students will learn important facts about:

  • Turkeys. The quiz includes questions about wattles, Toms, furculas, and tryptophan.
  • Pie. What is a meringue, anyway? And please tell me that colonists did not cook their pumpkin pies in chamber pots! (don’t worry, they didn’t)
  • Thanksgiving. We’re talking presidential turkey pardons, football, and the date of Thanksgiving.
  • Potpourri. A bit of miscellaneous information to mull over while you wait in line on Black Friday.
  • Parades. This section about the history of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will make you want to watch it on TV.


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20% off $100 Discount
30% off $150 or more