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Let’s face it: many middle school students are reluctant to read across a variety of genres. This set of 6 Reading Bingo cards challenges your students to try new authors, formats, and genres. It’s editable and now digital for distance learning!

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Recommended for:

  • Grades 5-8
  • All Bingo categories are editable, so you can adapt it to any grade level. The pre-filled Bingo squares are for Grades 5-8.

Needed to use the Reading Bingo Challenge:

  • PowerPoint (all text is editable)
  • Google™ Classroom if using distance learning
  • Printer–I recommend printing the black and white version on colored printer paper or cardstock. I do my cards in the colors of the rainbow, starting with red, to help students remember which card comes next.

About the Reading Bingo Challenge:

  • File includes two sets of six cards (1 set in color; 1 set in black and white for easy printing on colored paper).
  • Includes editable Google™ Slides version for distance learning options.
  • Also editable in PowerPoint. The squares are already filled out with a wide variety of authors, genres, and book formats for Grades 5-8. Open in PowerPoint to change the squares to suit your library and students’ needs.
  • Includes detailed instructions with ideas for prizes when students complete a row or a card.
  • For each card students choose to complete any one row (4 books). They can also read from the four corners. Each card has 11 possible book row options, allowing every card to be differentiated to suit different reading preferences/abilities.


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20% off $100 Discount
30% off $150 or more