Chinese New Year Reader's Theater


This five-page reader’s theater script tells the Chinese mythological story of “The Race for the Zodiac,” and it’s perfect for introducing your students to Chinese New Year traditions. “The Race for the Zodiac” is famous in China because it tells the story of how certain animals were selected to represent the Chinese zodiac and why they appear in a particular order.


About the Chinese New Year Reader’s Theater script:

    • It’s original. I added humorous lines and personality to each animal character. The zodiac animals have specific personalities in Chinese mythology, and the dialogue for each animal reflects its unique personality.
    • All text is editable! The script comes in two formats: PowerPoint (editable text) and PDF (not editable). To comply with clip artists’ ToUs, the clip art has been flattened and inserted as backgrounds. The clip art size and positions are not editable, but you can remove them completely by removing the background in PowerPoint. To edit the text, click in the text boxes around the animal clip art.
    • I recommend Grades 5-8. It will take about 15-25 minutes to perform the script.
      • Text is broken up by illustrations of each of the 12 zodiac animals as they appear. This will give students visual cues of when each animal will appear and help them see when their lines are coming up.
    • I’ve also included a few basic facts about Chinese New Year that will help students know a bit more about the celebrations before reading the script.


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