This December Holidays Library Lesson covers winter holidays from all over the world! Features Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Pancha Ganapati, Boxing Day, and La Befana. Includes whole-group library lesson, scrolling slideshow, Recommended Reads, Scavenger Hunt activity, and lesson plan template.

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Library Challenge #1 tasks you with an annual review (or maybe your first review) of your library's Selection and Reconsideration Policies.

LIBRARY CHALLENGE #1 Are library book challenges scary? I think so! But they are much less scary when you have a strong plan. When you know exactly what to do

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This article is 10 essential tips for new school librarians. These are the 10 things you should do FIRST in your new school library.

You’ve landed a brand new school librarian job–congratulations! All summer, you’ve looked forward to standing in the middle of your very own library, taking a deep breath, and reveling in

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This is a collection of fun ideas for middle school library orientation. Even if you don't use the ideas, the videos are a lot of fun to watch!

Ahh, the first day of school! Call me crazy, but I’ve always loved it! I will see my first middle school library orientation classes this Wednesday. We have a book

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First Chapter Fridays: Stamped

First Chapter Fridays continues with entry #3, Stamped by Jason Reynolds.

To see the entire series of First Chapter Fridays, click the link at the bottom of this post.

Stamped (Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi)

Sore throat today? Lost your voice? This one has an EXCELLENT audiobook read by Jason Reynolds, one of the authors. Many students are already familiar with Jason Reynolds as he has several award-winning fiction titles for teens.

So what’s so great about this title? Personally, I love the conversational tone, which starts straightaway with Chapter 1. There is also a Introduction and letter to the reader before Chapter 1 that would make a great read-aloud on its own.

Stamped appeals to teens’ senses of fairness, justice, and equity. Many students have experienced racism themselves, and they likely have friends who have also experienced it. This book is frank and honest when discussing a topic that many people find difficult to talk about. It tells a very different side of history that students (and adults) need to hear.

  • Recommended for: Grades 7-12
  • Genre: narrative nonfiction
  • Keywords: racism, anti-racism, prejudice, world history, US history, slavery
  • Protagonist: none–this is a story of many people throughout history
  • Length of Chapter 1: 9 pages
  • Read my full review of Stamped

Read more about First Chapter Fridays (includes criteria for my selections)


Do you do First Chapter Fridays? What titles have been popular with your students? Add your favorites in the comments below (don’t forget to add grade levels)!

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