Breathe New Life Into Waldo

After three years of heavy use, our Waldo books were falling apart. The bindings were a mess, and the covers were dinged/chewed/crusted beyond repair. Time to toss them out, right? Nope! Here’s how I rejuvenated my Waldo collection and (with any luck), helped them last another three years:

Where’s Waldo placemats:

1. Free your book bindings using an Exacto blade.

2. Match the two-page spreads together. You will not be able to use all of the pictures since they are not printed exactly front-back. Pick your favorites that are not too torn up.

3. Tape the center of the page using clear book tape.

4. Mat on colorful poster board.

5. Laminate.

6. Put out on tables or hang on walls for students to enjoy.

7. Recycle the covers and order new Waldo books. Despite the expense of replacement, they should be in your library. They are loved-on for a reason!

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