Mystery Genre Activity

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Are you the detective, the accomplice, the criminal, the eyewitness, or the victim? This ready-to-use personality quiz is a fun way to introduce mystery genre archetypes to middle school students.

This mystery genre character quiz is best-suited for grades 5-8.

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The What’s Your Mystery Character? Quiz includes:

  • PowerPoint game with directions for students
  • 12 multiple-choice questions
  • 5 mystery archetype profiles (accomplice, criminal, detective, eyewitness, victim)–editable in PowerPoint
  • answer cards for students–editable in PowerPoint
  • four different bookmarks with recommended mystery titles for middle schoolers (great to hand out after the quiz!)–editable in PowerPoint
  • Mystery Genre display poster–PDF format–not editable

You will need:

  • computer projector and screen (no audio required)
  • ability to open PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents
  • a printer (for bookmarks, answer cards, and the poster)
  • colored pencils, markers, or crayons for students to use with answer cards (blue, red, green, yellow, purple)–students can share at tables

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$5.00 $3.75

Purchase this product now and earn 5 Points!
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