Hansel and Gretel Grammar Fill-Ins


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Halloween is perfect for Hansel and Gretel Grammar Fill-Ins! This activity contains an excerpt from Hansel and Gretel, minus 15 words. Students use the grid to insert their own nounsplural nounsverbs, and adjectives. Also includes discussion cards.

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This passage begins with Hansel and Gretel starting their third day lost in the woods. They hear a bird singing and follow it to the candy house. They begin eating the house, and at the end of the passage, the witch emerges.

This product is in PDF format and is not editable.

The Hansel and Gretel Grammar Fill-Ins include:

  • passage with blanks inserted to replace 15 words (2 pages, illustrated)
  • grid where students write in their parts of speech. Parts of speech include: nouns, plural nouns, verbs, adjectives. The grid page includes a brief review of the four parts of speech. (1 page)
  • original passage with the original words underlined (2 pages, illustrated)
  • discussion question cards (1 page)


  • The passage is from the original Grimm Brothers text, but I have edited a few words and phrases to help students understand the language more easily.
  • I recommend Grades 5-8.


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20% off $100 Discount
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