Digital Bulletin Board -- Nonfiction


Get your students excited about nonfiction books with this gorgeous Digital Bulletin Board! Play it on a loop in the library or use it as a distance learning book talk. Editable in Google and PPT.

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Needed to open and edit: PowerPoint OR Google™ Slides

Recommended for: School libraries serving Grades 3-7.

About the PowerPoint:

  • Includes 31 PPT slides + Google™ Slides version
  • The first slide is directions for teachers and should be deleted
  • The body text is editable in PPT and Google™ Drive. Images and headers have been flattened.
  • 30 slides are for students to see while in the library.
  • Scroll the PowerPoint using automatic timings.
  • This is a communication device. It is NOT a library lesson, but you could move slides around to use it as a booktalk.
  • All slides are in 11″ X 8.5″ letter-size (landscape), which allows for easy printing, if desired.

30 editable PPT + Google Slides include:

  • Daily and weekly schedule
  • Announcements
  • Coming Soon…
  • Reminders
  • 9 book recommendations for Grades 3-7: Nonfiction books
  • Vocabulary Word: veracity
  • Staff Spotlight: Debate teacher (you can change the title if your school does not have a debate teacher)
  • This week’s birthdays
  • Did you know… and fun facts (3 slides)
  • Would you rather…? (4 slides)
  • What’s that mystery planet? (includes 3 clues + answer slide)
  • Who reads the dictionary?
  • What is an almanac?
  • What is the Sibert Award?
  • King Tut, whale sharks, a Chilean volcano, and dung (not kidding!)

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Purchase this product now and earn 3 Points!
20% off $100 purchase