Chinese New Year Reader's Theater: Ting-Ting and the Monster Nian


This seven-page reader’s theater script is “Ting Ting and the Monster Nián,” an original script based on the Chinese legend of the monster Nián. The legend of Nián explains why Chinese people wear red clothing, hang red decorations, and set off fireworks during Chinese New Year.


This Chinese New Year Reader’s Theater script includes:

  • 7-page, illustrated script in PDF format and PowerPoint
  • The PDF is not editable
  • All text is editable in the PowerPoint

More about the script:

  • It’s original. I’ve heard different versions of the Nián story, so I took the common elements and created a new story for Ting-Ting, a young girl who on the eve of the new year, encounters the monster Nián and accidentally learns of his three fears.
  • The text is fully-editable with PowerPoint. To protect the artists’ clipart and comply with their ToUs, the images are embedded into the background and cannot be removed or repositioned unless you remove the PowerPoint background completely.
  • There are seven speaking parts: Ting Ting, Ye Ye (grandfather), Nai Nai (grandmother), the monster Nián, the kitten, and two narrators. The kitten has only two short lines–a meow and a purr–so it’s perfect for students who want to perform but do not want or need lots of lines.
  • I recommend Grades 5-8. It will take about 15-20 minutes to perform the script.
  • Text is broken up by illustrations on every page.
  • I’ve also included a few basic facts about the story of Nian that will help students know a bit more about the celebrations before reading the script.
I truly hope your students love this script and have a lot of fun with it! Chinese New Year is an exciting time here in Shanghai, and I encourage you to check out my other resources to see what else I have created for the New Year.
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