Real-World Censorship Activity


In this 3-4 day activity, students examine 25 censorship situations from current events and research the facts behind them. It’s perfect for Banned Books Week, English, libraries, debate, and media studies classes.

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  • Recommended for: Grades 8+
  • Lesson duration: 3-4 lessons of 40 minutes each
  • Editable: YES, most text is editable.
  • Formats: PDF, PPT, Google Slides


  • Detailed lesson plan (5 pages, PDF only)
  • 8 group discussion cards (2 pages, all three formats)
  • “Is It Censorship” worksheets (5 pages, 25 total situations, all three formats)
  • Assignment graphic organizer: Research one of the situations. (1 page, all three formats)


  • Group discussion cards
  • Includes 8 hypothetical questions about different kinds of censorship


  • “Is It Censorship?” worksheet and group discussion
  • Includes 25 scenarios taken straight from current events. Students have to determine if these are censorship and whether or not they are acceptable.
  • There are five different worksheets, each with five different situations. Students can complete one worksheet, then group according to which worksheet they did. All worksheets are labeled with a letter in the corner so students can group quickly by the letter of their worksheet.

DAYS 3-4

  • Researching the real-life situations behind the scenarios on the worksheet.
  • I provided links to news articles about all 25 current events.
  • This activity could be extended further into a class debate or a written research paper about the event.


  • 10 situations occurred outside school. These are stories in global and USA news. Example: A celebrity sues a newspaper for publishing unauthorized photos of her minor child.
  • 15 situations occurred at school. All of these are in USA schools, but the states vary. Example: At graduation, the Valedictorian’s microphone is cut off when she starts to say things that were not in her pre-approved speech.


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