Chinese New Year Trivia Game


This Chinese New Year Trivia Game has been updated for 2022, the Year of the Tiger! It’s a fun, no-prep way to teach students Chinese New Year traditions. Pprior knowledge is not required to play. No prep needed. Editable in PPT.

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This game is NOT compatible with Google Slides. If you are using Keynote or an older version of PPT, I recommend testing the game before you purchase (directions below).


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  • PowerPoint (2016 or later is best)
  • Large screen TV or projector with screen–students need to be able to see the game slides from their desks.
  • Some way to keep track of scores (whiteboard or paper/pencil)
  • Google Slides will not work for this game. I use features in PPT that Google Slides does not have.


  • Zero prep! Pull up the game on your computer, and it is all ready to go!
  • Students do not need any prior knowledge of Chinese New Year to play. Most questions are multiple choice.
  • Every answer slide includes additional information about the tradition in the question. This game is instructional, and students are guaranteed to learn lots of new facts about Chinese New Year.


  • Includes 25 questions, most of which are multiple choice
  • I am a school librarian who lived and taught in Shanghai and Suzhou, China for six years. These questions are based on my experiences in China. I’ve included additional notes in the Notes section of each slide.
  • When you click on the dollar amounts on the game board, they disappear when you return to the board. This ensures students do not pick a question that has already been asked.
  • Editable in PowerPoint.


  • PowerPoint game (54 slides)
  • printable game instructions


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