Presidents Day Trivia Game


Are Presidents Day activities boring? No way! Who knew the US presidents were this interesting? This no-prep trivia game was designed for the school library but can also be used in secondary US history classes. All text is editable.

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  • Grades 7-11
  • School libraries, US History classes
  • Want to use it with younger students? I think this game will work well with Grades 4-6, but I have not personally used it that young. The entire game is multiple choice, and it requires no prior knowledge of the presidents. The game is fun, and I think younger students will enjoy it, too!


  • PowerPoint
  • PDF reader (needed for directions only)
  • Some way to keep score (whiteboard or paper/pencil work fine)



  • This game requires ZERO PREP. You can pull it up on your computer, and it is all ready to go!
  • Students do not need any prior knowledge of the questions. All of the questions are multiple choice, so they can always take a guess. Many answers are logical–you can talk students through figuring them out if they are stuck.
  • Every answer slide includes additional information about the answer. This game is instructional, and students are guaranteed to learn lots of new fun facts!



  • Includes 25 multiple choice questions
  • Written by a school librarian for use in the library or classroom
  • When you click on the dollar amounts on the game board, they disappear when you return to the board. This ensures students do not pick a question that has already been asked.
  • All text and headers are editable in PowerPoint.



  • Jobs–jobs before they were presidents (Reagan, Carter, Jefferson, Clinton, Kennedy)
  • Body Parts–physical injuries and ailments of the presidents (Washington, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland)
  • -EST–tallest, longest term, oldest, most children, shortest term (Lincoln, FDR, Biden, Tyler, WH Harrison)
  • Fun Facts–random facts about the presidents (Trump, Jefferson, J Adams, Clinton, Obama, Carter, Truman, Teddy Roosevelt)
  • Pets–facts about presidential pets (Coolidge, Taft, Hoover, JQ Adams, Jackson, FDR)



  • PowerPoint game (54 slides)
  • printable game instructions


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Purchase this product now and earn 6 Points!
20% off $100 purchase