Greek Mythology Activity Bundle


This Greek Mythology Activity Bundle combines five engaging products into a discounted bundle! Includes: Introduction to Greeks interactive game, 15-story booklet, a flip book, a trivia game, and a giant Memory floor game.

All five products are designed to go together for one cohesive unit.


By the end of this unit, your students will know:

  • why we still study the Ancient Greeks
  • “How it all began…” Greek creation stories (pre-Titans)
  • story of the Titan War and major Titans
  • all 12 major Olympic gods
  • additional stories including: Heracles, Persephone, Daphne, Arachne, Medusa, Callisto, Dionysus, and more.

This product includes all of the following…

  • Introduction to Ancient Greeks Interactive Game
    • Use with PowerPoint or Google Slides (both versions included)
    • Includes 88 slides
    • 4 sections with a short interactive quiz at the end of each section
  • Greek Mythology Booklet
    • contains 15 stories
    • Table of Contents included
    • all pages numbered
    • 12 Olympic gods, plus Heracles, Persephone, and Dionysus
    • all stories contain illustrations
  • Greek Mythology Flip Book
    • stories match the 15 characters featured in the Greek Mythology booklet (see above)
    • every page contains illustrations
    • students fill out the pages after reading the stories from the booklet
  • Greek Mythology Trivia Game
    • contains 25 question and answer slides (53 slides total)
    • every question and answer slide contains images
    • play in PowerPoint
    • all questions match the Greek Mythology booklet and interactive Ancient Greeks game (both listed listed above)
  • Greek Mythology Giant Trivia Game
    • floor game
    • contains 25 clue cards and 25 answer cards
    • “Who/What am I?” format
    • contains full directions + diagram of floor game layout
    • all characters match the Greek Mythology booklet and flip book listed above.
  • Greek Mythology Boom Cards

    • 20 cards + cover card
    • focuses on the 12 major Olympic gods, plus a few others
    • includes some Roman names
    • cards include illustrations
    • all cards are multiple choice


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