Elementary Library Genre Bundle


Preparing to genrefy your library? This Genre Bundle includes posters, labels, signs, and four activities that will get students thinking about which genres best fit them! Most text is editable.


Genre Activities | I Have Who Has Game

I Have Who Has games are an easy way to get all students to focus and participate. Use this set of 28 cards for classroom genre review or library lessons for students in Grades 4-7. Includes editable cards, full directions, and answer key.

Reading Genre Personality Test -- Reading Genre Interest -- Fun Reading Activity

Remember all those magazine quizzes we took as teens? This Reading Genre Personality Test is styled after those quizzes! This is my students' favorite fun reading activity! This Genre Personality Test helps students in Grades 3-6 identify which reading genres are best for them.

What's Your Genre Personality? Poster Set (Elementary Version)

This reading personality poster set goes with the elementary version of my popular What's Your Genre Personality? Quiz on TPT. These colorful posters will create eye-catching displays and help remind students of their genre personalities all year long!

Library Genre Shelf Labels -- Fiction

Thinking about genrefying your library? Want to update your current genre shelf labels? This set of library shelf labels is designed save you time and help make your fiction genre sections colorful and easy to navigate.

This set of shelf labels is compatible with my Genre Spine Labels set.

Library Genre Spine Labels -- 31 Book Labels for Library Genrefication

This set of Library Genre Spine Labels works for both classroom libraries and school library genrefication. Includes 31 library book labels in simple, colorful designs that will work for a wide variety of grade levels. Editable in Google, PDF, and PPT. Print on Avery 5195 "Return Address" labels for easy application.

Elementary Library Genre Posters

This set of 25 Genre Posters is perfect for elementary libraries! The simple signs are colorful, fun, and printer-friendly. Editable in three formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides, and PDF.

Interactive Library Genre Game

Your middle grade students will love this interactive genre game for PowerPoint and Google Slides! Teach and review six popular fiction genres in the library or ELA classroom. Includes crossword and answer key. Editable.


Prefer middle school? Click here to see the middle school version of this set.

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  • Recommended for: Grades 3-6
  • Duration: There are four lessons included here, so they will take approximately 4-5 library classes (45 minutes each). Perfect for genre units!
  • File formats: PDF, PowerPoint, Google Slides
  • Number of pages: 300+


  • Ability to open, edit, and print PDF documents
  • Google Classroom (Google Slides)
  • PowerPoint
  • Avery 5195 “return address” labels for the spine labels


  • “I Have, Who Has” genre game (PPT or PDF, editable)
  • “Choose Your Own Genre” interactive game (Google Slides OR PPT, editable)
  • Library Genre Spine Labels (PDF or PowerPoint, editable)
  • Library Shelf Labels (PPT, Google Slides, or PDF, editable)
  • “What’s Your Genre Personality?” Quiz (PDF, PPT or Google Slides, mostly editable)
  • Reading Genre Personality Posters (PDF; not editable)
  • Library Genre posters (PDF, PPT or Google Slides, editable)


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