Unwrap a Mystery Book


“Unwrap a Mystery Book” is an elementary version of Blind Date with a Book. This set-up kit includes everything you need to let your students do the bulk of the work (wrapping the books), saving you time and energy.
This kit contains all the same pieces as Blind Date with a Book except I replaced the phrase “Blind Date with a Book” with “Unwrap a Mystery Book” in all pieces of the kit. I also simplified language on the “Hint” cards. If you are an elementary librarian, teach ESL students, or are just looking for something a tad cleaner, you will probably prefer this kit. This version will work just fine with middle and high school students as well.
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The Unwrap a Mystery Book set-up kit includes:

  • 2-pages of instructions and tips for librarians (editable in PowerPoint)
  • Creation Station center instructions–this is where students will wrap the books and attach recommendation cards (editable in PowerPoint)
  • 8 recommendation cards–students fill these out and attach them to the books (editable in PowerPoint)
  • 8 “How did it go?” cards–students fill these out after they try a Mystery Book. They can turn these in for a chance to win a daily, weekly, or Grand Prize drawing. (editable in PowerPoint)
  • High-resolution, full-color display poster–put this with your Mystery Books on display. There are three versions, two of which have editable text boxes.
  • PowerPoint lesson for students on how this works and how students can create a Mystery Book (8 slides, editable)
  • lots of sample photos from my library–these are inside the PowerPoint presentation for students. You can delete my photos and add your own photos, or you are welcome to use my photos if you prefer.)
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Purchase this product now and earn 6 Points!
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