Blind Date with a Book Set-Up Kit


Blind Date with a Book ideas are all over Pinterest, but setting it all up can be time-consuming and stressful for busy librarians. This kit includes everything you need to let your students do the bulk of the work, saving you time and energy.


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NOTE: Because I use the term “blind date,” this activity is best-suited for middle and high school students. If you prefer the term “mystery book” instead of “blind date,” please see Unwrap a Mystery Book instead. It’s the same product, but it does not use the term “blind date.” Unwrap a Mystery Book also works for middle and high school.


  • Instructions and tips for librarians (editable in PowerPoint, 2 pages)
  • Creation Station instructions–The Creation Station is where students will wrap the books and attach recommendation cards (editable in PowerPoint; 2 pages)
  • Book Recommendation cards–Students fill these out and attach them to the books (editable in PowerPoint; 8 designs)
  • “How did it go?” cards–Students fill these out after they try a Book Blind Date. They can turn these in for a chance to win a daily, weekly, or Grand Prize drawing. (editable in PowerPoint; 8 designs)
  • Display posters–Pick one of four designs to put with your Blind Date books on display. All text is editable.
  • PowerPoint lesson for students on how to create a book blind date (9 slides, editable)
  • Sample photos from my library–these are inside the PowerPoint presentation for students and in a separate folder. You can delete my photos and add your own photos, or you are welcome to use my photos if you prefer.


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20% off $100 Discount
30% off $150 or more