Greek Mythology Presentation -- Lesson 2 In the Beginning


This is the second lesson in my Greek Mythology Presentation series. It describes the creation of the Titans and the gods, Gaia and Uranus, Cronus, the births of 7 Olympic gods, and the Titan War. Includes crossword puzzle. Editable.

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See Lesson 1–Introduction to Mythology here.


  • Recommended for: Grades 4-7
  • Lesson Duration: 1-2 lessons (about 50-70 minutes total)
  • Formats: PPT, Google Slides, PDF
  • Editable: YES, all text is editable


  • 26-slide PPT + Google™ Slides presentation
  • Crossword puzzle with answer key (2 pages PDF)
  • all but slides contain colorful clipart or a real photo of Greek art (no nudity)


  • creation of the heavens and earth (Chaos, Nyx, Abyss, Eros, Gaia)
  • Uranus and Gaia
  • three Hecatoncheires
  • three Cyclopes
  • Titans (specifically, Cronus, Rhea, Atlas, brief mention of Prometheus)
  • sea nymph Metis
  • Olympic gods–Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Aphrodite
  • Titan War
  • punishment of Atlas
  • Tartarus
  • division of sky, sea, and Underworld among Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades
  • Roman names for Titans and gods mentioned


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