Dewey Decimal System Photo Activities


These Dewey Decimal System activities invite middle school students to visualize the topics included in each “hundreds” section in the library. Includes a PowerPoint lesson and two small projects. Excellent for face-to-face and/or distance learning.
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Needed to use this product:

  • PowerPoint (text is editable)
  • Google Classroom (some text is editable)
  • ability to print PDF documents if you want to use the physical version
  • scissors and glue (if using the non-digital version)

Recommended grade levels:

Grades 5-8. For the digital version, students should be able to take digital photos, find images online, and insert images on Google Slides. For the printed version, students need to find, cut, and paste Dewey-related images in magazines and newspapers.

Your students will learn:

  • introduction to library classification
  • difference between fiction and nonfiction
  • definition and list of popular fiction genres
  • how your library is organized (all text is editable so you can make it fit your library)
  • why Dewey is more than nonfiction
  • what each Dewey “hundreds section” means and what topics can be found in each
  • size trends for each hundreds section (900 tends to be large; 100 tends to be small)
  • break-down of each Dewey hundreds section; includes major topics in each
  • why DDS catalog numbers are not always consistent (and how the library catalog can help)
  • why librarians do not memorize (or need to memorize) all the catalog numbers

This product includes all of the following:

  • Library Classification lesson (30 PPT slides, fully-illustrated, all text is editable, also includes Google Slides version)
  • Dewey Photo Project (9 PDF pages and 9 Google Slides)
  • Dewey Photo Collage small group project (12 PDF pages and 12 Google Slides)
  • Answer key and sample digital project (9 slides)
  • Basic Google Classroom instructions for teachers (3 pages)


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