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Introducing…GET REAL!

I’m tired, y’all.

I’m tired of teachers having maayyybbbeee 45 minutes of conference time…if they don’t have any meetings scheduled.

I’m tired of teacher health insurance costing 30% of our salaries and still having $5000 deductibles and 20% copays.

I’m tired of bullies who become school administrators.

I’m tired of politicians–on both sides of the aisle–who have never worked ONE SINGLE DAY in education and have ZERO qualifications making nonsensical, unfunded education policies and mandates.

I’m tired of a society that depends on teachers for babysitting, so much so that even in a major worldwide pandemic, many of us are still in school with very few real changes.

I’m tired of hearing my beloved teacher friends–six so far, all of whom are currently face-to-face in the classroom–tell me they have Covid-19.

But mostly, I’m tired of staying quiet about it.

I no longer work for a school, and I have no plans to go back. I am not “disgruntled,” though I’m sure some will dismiss me as such.

I LOVED being a school librarian and teacher. But guys, I am so tired of not saying what I really need to say. If you read my blog, you know I am positive and love teaching. I often say that I love it so much that it is in my bones.

You may not always agree with me, but you and I not the problem.

I’ve written for the MrsReaderPants blog since February 2011. In that time, I have written over 50 posts that are still in draft format, simply because I didn’t feel comfortable sharing them. Especially when I worked for a school, where my words could come back to haunt me.

But words have power, and the people who can speak up, should speak up. I am no longer beholden to any school or district.

I can speak up.

After 18 years in American public schools and Chinese international schools, I have a whole lot to say. And I’m not going to hold back anymore.


Introducing…GET REAL!

Get Real is a new section on my blog. You can find all the articles I write for it at the top of any page on MrsReaderPants.

I’m not really saying anything new, and it’s probably not anything you don’t already know. But I’m adding my small voice to many that are already standing up for teachers, librarians, substitutes, principals, aides, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and more.

Commenting is welcome, but please keep it civil. I will not tolerate teachers bullying each other. We get enough of that at school, do we not?

Enough is enough.


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One Comment

  • Bless your heart.
    It is literally making me sick feeling this way…you said it all.
    I wish I could.


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