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Review: Ushers, Inc.

AUTHOR: Rusty Fischer
SERIES: none
PUBLISHER: Decadent Publishing Co.
ASIN:  B0057PJA72  
PAGES: 305
SOURCE: ebook sent by author
GENRE: humor; horror

SUMMARY: When werewolves, vampires, and zombies overrun their town, four ushers at the local B-movie cinema draw on their extensive knowledge of campy horror films to stop the monster madness.

WHAT I LIKED: I just love Rusty Fischer’s conversational, campy writing style. I’ve read two of Fischer’s books (the other was Zombies Don’t Cry), and both are laugh-out-loud funny. Who wouldn’t love zombies in blue tuxes?

The ending rounds out nicely, and all loose ends tie up neatly. Fans of B-movie monster flicks will find a kindred spirit in Rusty Fischer and will no doubt love Ushers, Inc.

As with ZDC, I am going to applaud (male author) Rusty Fischer’s uncanny knack for writing so brilliantly in a teen girl’s voice. Fischer captures sixteen year-old Abby’s voice believably enough for me to question the reality of Fischer’s author profile. I’m beginning to wonder if Rusty Fischer isn’t an alias for some emo-goth high school girl from Nowhere, USA. You can’t fool me, Rusty Fischer!

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: While it certainly kept me laughing, I was not as engaged in Ushers, Inc. as I was when I read Zombies Don’t Cry. I don’t know if Ushers, Inc. was too similar to ZDC, or if I just had higher expectations because I loved ZDC so much. Ushers was good, and zombie readers will definitely want to read it; I just wasn’t as dazzled with this one.

FRONT COVER: Meh. I don’t think the front cover does much to entice readers. Is that Shia LaBeouf?


  • Language: mild; a few sprinkled throughout
  • Sexuality: mild; some chaste zombie-vampire kissing
  • Violence: medium; it’s a zombie/vampire/werewolf book, so of course there will be death and gore. Fischer manages to pull off the gore tastefully (so to speak) and with plenty of B-movie humor.
  • Drugs/Alcohol: none

STATUS IN MY LIBRARY: We don’t have it, but I will get it if/when it comes out in print. Right now, it looks like it is only available in e-book format, which my MS library does not yet support.

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